Burberry Lip Glow Lipgloss in Cameo Pink 07 Review, Photos, Swatches

I decided to splurge on a Lip Glow lip gloss, $27, after browsing Kristie of Natural N' Chic Makeup's blog review and swatches of the line-up. I remember swatching these glosses when the Burberry line launched, and they felt quite sticky on the back of my hand. I am adverse to testers, even with a fresh tester applicator because of cross-contamination due to double-dipping from other customers' trials, so I did not try the formula on my lips. And this is one of those instances in which I regret not trying on a product in-store because I actually love the Lip Glow formula once applied to my lips!

Cameo Pink was my idea of a neutral pick, something with enough color to pop against my mauve-toned lips yet not be so bold that I could not wear it daily. The other lighter pinks [usually the kind I am interested in first] offered in the Lip Glow range are pretty sheer, and have been reviewed by Sabrina of The Beauty Look Book, so I avoided those because I knew from her review that they would only appear as clear gloss on my medium-pigmented lips. I was surprised, however, to see that Cameo Pink was so bright and red, like the flesh of a ripe watermelon, in the tube. On the lips, Cameo Pink is significantly more subdued.

I adore how lightweight the formula feels. It is a longer lasting version of the Dior Addict glosses, which are beautifully fluid but only last for an hour on my lips because the water content is so high. The Burberry Lip Glow has more of a gel feel, more dense [more binders] yet very comfortable, which I'm assuming allows the gloss to last longer. One caveat.. Cameo Pink has a very frosty finish, much frostier than I am usually comfortable with, but I must admit it makes my lips look exceptionally more plump. You'll see if you play the video below, the swatches don't show how frosty the color is against my skin!

When built up with two layers, the color appears more pink [top swatch]. With one even coat, however, Cameo Pink actually reads more toward a pink-peach [bottom swatch]! Either way, it's a beautiful everyday look. Cameo Pink is pretty moisturizing as well, not quite hydrating.. but no peeling to be seen from these sensitive lips, hooray!

Natural Light/Shade

Open Window Light

See the Cameo Pink Lip Glow lipgloss in action on my lips in this video: 

Bottom Line: I've been loving Armani's Gloss D'Armani lipglosses these days, but I want more Burberry Lip Glow lipglosses! The pigment isn't quite as sheer, and the price point is just right. I think I'll try the tangerine shade, No. 8 next. Thanks for pushing me over the edge, Kristie :)


  1. love the color, so beautiful and natural!

  2. Whoa. Sexy. I'm talking about the product Rae... Lol! I wonder how these compare to Chanel Glossimers. Guess I'll have to swatch a few in stores. Thankfully, Nordstrom at SC carries this brand.

  3. You look so gorgeous in the video and this lip gloss looks perfect on your lips.. :-) I have burberry perfume for women and this is really cool for me! I'm planning to buy this lip gloss too.. :-)

  4. Just a question about the burberry glosses - do you end up with the white yuckiness in the corner of your mouth after a while because I love this colour but if the formula does that then I'll pass? Thanks in advance!


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