Guerlain Noir G Mascara Review, Photos, Swatches

I love trying new mascaras. I always end up reunited with all-time favorite, Lancome's Hypnose Drama Waterproof Mascara, but it is still fun to try new formulas! Guerlain's latest release is the Noir G, which combines the iconic, luxe mirrored case of the Rouge G lipsticks and an ultra black, multi-effect formula.

The Noir G mascara is quite expensive at $49, but keep in mind that it is refillable. The idea is quite ingenious! Refills are priced at a reasonable $26. The formula reminds me most of YSL's Effet Faux Cils mascara (I personally prefer the Effet Faux Cils to the Noir G, a bit stronger curl hold). Neither are waterproof, but they are both smudge-proof and water resistant. The Noir G is touted as groundbreaking, however, because it contains a fortifying agent that helps to regenerate lashes by stimulating keratin for lash growth and strength. I cannot speak to those claims because I have not used the mascara regularly. My lashes are thin but relatively strong considering I wear waterproof mascara at least four times a week.

Let's discuss the jewel case a bit more before we move onto the photos of the mascara on my lashes. The mirror might be a touch too small to be practical for daily application, but it is a wonderful size for on-the-go touch-ups. The hinge to the mirror is relatively sturdy. Overall, I feel Guerlain did a wonderful job packaging the mascara. It is weighty, sturdy, yet sleek. I love the black lacquer, even if it catches fingerprints and the short, curved handle to the wand is easy to grasp.

Now for the wand and the brush head. Again, it reminds me of YSL's Effet Faux Cils. It is slightly wider in the middle, the difference not very noticeable, but the point is that I love how full and soft it is. Those with sensitive eyes will adore how gentle the bristles are against the tightline and waterline. The brush head makes it easy to coat my lashes with product evenly, and it also works wonderfully on my lower lashes. The formula is deeply black, and it does not turn grey or ashy after drying (reference the photos below).

The formula, unfortunately, is a bit heavy for my thin lashes due to fact that it is ultra creamy. This means that you can wait a little longer than you usually would between coats, but it also means you have you wait longer for the mascara to set. In the photos below, you will see how tall my lashes look when they are curled prior to mascara application. They droop significantly after the first coat of mascara. The second coat was applied one minute after, and though it added plenty of volume, it also began to clump. I waited five minutes for the second coat to dry completely, and then I curled my lashes again with my Shu Uemura lash curler. The third coat looks great, but you must wait for the second coat to dry completely (the key is to curl the lashes again, which I am generally reluctant to do). If only my lashes would look like that all day! My lashes drooped again after two hours.

Bottom Line: Guerlain's Noir G mascara is exceptional. It may not be the ideal formula for me, since curl hold is my main mascara priority, but this mascara will do wonders for you if you have cooperative lashes! If Guerlain produces a waterproof version of Noir G this year, I'll be first in line to buy it. Don't let the price scare you away. Give it a try!


  1. I like your review, it's really helpful. would you pls make a video to show all your make up collection. it's just curious. ^_*. thanks

  2. i'd have to applaud guerlain though for its pretty packaging.

    after watching so many videos of you with lancome hypnose waterproof and going through all my mascaras i finally bought hypnose and LOVE IT. now i know why it's your HG. thanks! =)

  3. I purchased your favorite mascara. I went swimming with my 3 year old and I didn't get my head wet, but there was a ton of splashing everywhere. My lashes were fine, even the curl was still there. And I have very sensitive eyes and no problems, even the curl was still there and my lashes are naturally straight. Amazing!!!

  4. Just like you i especially need a mascara to hold a curl... do you know of any good one that os not waterproof?

    I love the hypnose drama waterproof as well, but I really wish I could find one that could hold my curl without being waterproof... Oh, and which make up remover do you use to remove the the hypnose wp? thanks! love yout blog and videos :)

  5. I have this in deluxe sample size. It makes my lash droopy :(


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