Chanel Vegas Collection + Le Vernis is Gold Fingers Nail Polish Review, Photos, Swatches

The exclusive Chanel Vegas Collection piqued the interest of many, but the exorbitant price tags gave me sticker shock. The photo above is of the display at my local Nordstrom, where I purchased my Gold Fingers nail polish, $28. I still gave in and picked up Gold Fingers nail polish because I knew some of you wanted to see swatches, but I stood my ground and refused everything else.

Even then, the nail polish was more than what I wanted to pay. Last year, Chanel nail polishes were $25 and now in 2012, the standard polishes have been hiked up to $26. I suppose the $2 premium is for the exclusivity, but the polish is ultimately not worth it because I do not love it. The formula is undeniably Chanel at its best, however, so it would not be fair to right it off just because the color does not make me swoon. The formula is very fluid and dries fairly quickly. There are fine gold shimmers suspended in the polish's base, but they are not so gritty that they feel rough to the touch once the polish dries down. It is not sheer enough to use as a glitter topper (à la Chanel Illusion d'Or, one of my favorite Chanel polishes of all time) so it is best worn alone.

Gold Fingers is, without a doubt, a striking color. I consider it a very deep ore gold, perfectly opaque and even in three thin coats and wears well, as I only saw slight tip wear after several days (no chipping). I find, however, that the slight copper tone in the rich gold brings out the sallowness of my hands' color, aging them. Gold Fingers would have been the perfect gold nail polish if it were lighter and brighter, maybe with a shot of silver shimmer to balance out the richness. It will definitely look best against very fair or very deep skin. Again, this is just my personal bias. My best friend Tammy thinks the color is beautiful, that it looks great against my skin.

In Full Sun

In Front of a Window

In Natural Light

The photo directly above, in natural light, is how I see it most of the time. The gold nearly looks antique, right? Now for thoughts on the rest of the collection.

The gold eye pencil was nice, nothing special. You can find alternatives with MUFE or Urban Decay that look just as good for nearly half the price. The visually stunning palette to the left is meant for face and eyes. The three strips in the center can be used as a highlighter for the cheekbones while all of the shades can be used as eyeshadows. While the powder is finely milled, it is not worth $95. I love Chanel, I love collectibles.. but that price tag is too much for me to swallow. Stick to Chanel's Kaska Beige if you're looking for a warm eyeshadow quad. The gold Rouge Coco Shine was pretty interesting, that is the only other piece in the collection I actually contemplated splurging for. My Chanel SA demonstrated what a lovely layering product it is (looks gorgeous over a red lipstick), but I knew I would not reach for a sheer, glittery gold lipstick it often so again, I passed.

Bottom Line: If the color works for you, Chanel Le Vernis in Gold Fingers is a worthwhile polish because of the flawless formula. The rest of the Vegas collection was a sure "skip" in my book. 


  1. Great review! I am a sucker for gold polishes as it looks good on my skin tone, NC 40. I am going to give this a try! Btw I am going to get YSL lip stain gloss in #6 and maybe a red one too :)

  2. I don't know why, but I just am not too fond of gold nailpolishes. It doesn't give enough contrast to my skin colour. But I can imagine this collection looking stunning on darker skintones NC40+. The Chanel price tag is even more outrageous in Singapore and Denmark. The Blush Horizon was about 50% more than US prices. Crazy!

  3. Great that you reviewed the collection!!! THANKS

  4. Have you tried the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua Fresh & Hydrating Cream Compact yet? I would like you to do a review on it...please!


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