Tom Ford Spring 2015 Makeup Collection Review, Photos, Swatches [Wet and Dry]

Tom Ford's Spring 2015 collection is — as usual — a whole lot of eye candy! Today I will share how to wear all three Eye Color Duos and wrap up with a swipe of the new Teal Intense mascara. Check out all the product details and swatches after the jump!

The Eye Color Duos ($60 each) were launched in the same wet/dry formula as the beloved and sadly, limited edition Eye Color Quads in Nude Dip, Enchanted, and Emerald Lust. The balance between delicate v. intense and opaline v. satin make these beauties interesting and fun to work with! Considering the quads are priced at $79, these Spring 2015 duos are expensive but more versatile since standard eye color formula can only be used dry.

Wet v Dry + Wet v Dry
The Ripe Plum is the most transformative of the three eyeshadow duos. I love how vibrant the pink duochrome in the highlighter becomes when used wet. Even the brown, depending on how you blend and place the color, becomes a chameleon plum. I love the blue eyeshadow in Crushed Indigo used as an eyeliner best, but do try Raw Jade if you're looking for more subtle color. I know that greens can be intimidating and may not be traditionally considered as "pretty" as shades like purple, but Raw Jade is so unique and very flattering without being obnoxiously colorful.

All the eyeshadows were applied to my bare lids so that you could see their true colors and pigmentation. With the right tools, proper technique and/or practice as well as a little creativity, these Eye Color Duos have potential to become your daily eyeshadows. Try pairing them with the Extreme Mascaras in Intense Teal and Black Plum for more color impact as well as other Tom Ford Eye Color Quads in your collection! The options are endless. Don't forget to check out my swatches of the Spring 2015 Creme Color for Eyes here.

Now, I reviewed the Nail Colors in the video below, but I highly recommend Black Jade and Indigo Night as alternatives to black nail polish. I was truly taken aback at how much Black Jade brightened up the yellow tones in my skin, and it has a warm aura that just makes it the loveliest hunter green polish I've ever worn. The gold shimmer particles really pop in the sunlight! Indigo Night is incredibly smooth and opaque, one of the easiest in my Tom Ford Nail Lacquer collection to apply. The ultra fine shimmer creates a soft focus metallic sheen that simply cannot be outdone. I am usually not a fan of such dark polishes, but the vibrant intensity of both shades make them must-haves in my book!

After 4 days of wear
I also just started using Tom Ford's fairly new Concealing Pen, which I am starting to fall in love with! I bought Light a while ago, but I have only just gotten around to trying it. It looks so flawless when paired with his Traceless Liquid Foundation. This concealer has a heavier consistency but the creamy texture blends easily, erasing my dark circles with a tiny amount of product. No creasing in my fine lines! I find it best to apply with the sponge, dab it in with a clean ring finger and then smooth it down with a damp beauty blender sponge. Set with a powder if necessary. I don't know if it will replace my Cle de Peau concealer just yet, but I think it's a phenomenal under eye product.

Makeup Worn:

Brushes Used:
Tom Ford Eyeshadow Blend
Shu Uemura 10f Eyeshadow
Chikuhodo Z-1 Powder

Tom Ford Black Jade
Tom Ford Indigo Night



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  1. thanks for the video Rae! i love the swatches. the Jade looks really good on you. xo

  2. My favorite has to be the Jade one and it looks so good on you that I'm tempted to get one for myself even though I rarely use eyeshadows anymore except for when the occasion calls for it.
    Do you usually do your eyes first followed by the rest of your face?

    1. Thank you! And no, I usually do my face first! Since I had to apply and remove the two other palettes first (messy business), I chose to do foundation after applying the Jade duo!

  3. The collection is beautiful and the colors are saturated. The eyeshadows would be perfect for a night out!


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