T3 Micro Twirl 360 Curling Iron Review + Tutorial

Most of you have probably heard at one point or another in the last several months how much I am loving T3 Micro hair tools. I was introduced to the 1.75" Bodywaver by my hair stylist Guy Tang last year, but since trimming off a good 4-5 inches, I have been loving the T3's new Twirl 360 Curling Iron! The fairly rare 1.25" sized barrel is perfect for those with short to medium-long hair, and the mid-length clamp is perfect for styling my bangs. 
When my hair was extra long, the Bodywaver gave me beautiful round waves, but I now use it to create smooth volume and a bit of bounce. When I want curls — defined or loose, I rely on the Twirl 360. Finally, my curls come out even instead of kinked up, and it takes so little effort, thanks to the gyroscopic technology! The rotating barrel minimizes the risk of burning my scalp, face, and/or hands when I can hardly keep my eyes open in the mornings. Using the power/temperature button and all the subsequent clicking takes a bit of getting used to, and you might be surprised at how the subtlest wrist movement activates the motion sensor, but overall, the Twirl 360 is very user friendly and quite intuitive! It is a phenomenal tool with features that are unique and practical enough to warrant the price tag. I'm always happy with my results, and all the women who I show it to fall in love and run out to buy one. 

P.S. I started the tutorial with my natural air-dryed hair, with only Kerastase heat protectant through the ends! The final look is untouched as well — no hair spray, no shine cream, no finishing oil. It's pretty incredible that my lightened hair looks glossier and healthier, even with the very low heat! In fact, on the day to day, I actually use heat setting #1 because I still can get two days' worth of curl life.

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  1. hi Rae,

    Thank you for the great review on the 360 curling iron! I'm thinking of getting either the t3 body wave iron or the new 360. I have asian long hair. Which would you pick if you had only 1 choice and why? They are quite expensive I have to do my research. : )


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