THE TEN: Best Anti-Aging Skincare Products

Today is all about the best products for preventing the lines and reducing the dark spots that are a dead giveaway of a mature or maturing complexion. I have been using anti-aging products for several years now, and I attribute my lack of crow's feet and wrinkles (despite a wonky sleeping schedule) due to the preventative methods I have taken. 
NOTE: Many of the products below are some of the best but not necessarily the most affordable, so I recommend exploring popular options from LifeCell, Juice Beauty, or Paula's Choice if there is a budget to be respectful of. 

1. OLE HENRIKSEN Truth Serum Vitamin C Collagen Booster ($48 USD for 1 oz)
An antioxidant-rich brightening and nourishing serum enriched with Vitamin C, the lightweight Truth Serum absorbs quickly and easily into the skin. This serum supports natural collagen production, brightens the complexion and minimizes fine lines. I love the iconic uplifting citrus scent that is not too tart or too heavy-handed.

This product is a groundbreaking serum grounded in plant extracts that is recommended for all ages, all skin types, and all ethnicities. The dual chamber system combines two formulas into one serum to make the skin firmer, reduce the appearance of wrinkles, produce a more even skintone, and minimize pores. This formula delivers on all fronts and and the beautiful floral scent calms the nerves during application.

3. LA MER The Regenerating Serum ($290 USD)
This serum has one of the most exorbitant price tags ever. Believe it or not, it is entirely justified. My lovely La Mer Sales Associate generously stocked me with samples last year, which I've been using sparingly. I plan to splurge on the 1 oz bottle soon since it makes a noticeable difference in the feel of my skin. The texture is silky, gliding across the face and soothing redness as well as imperfections. 

4. JENU Active Youth Eye Treatment ($52 USD) 
You do need to purchase the JeNu ultrasound wand to get the most of this eye cream, but it might be an investment worth making. Techies will especially love it since this 'activated' Eye Treatment will improve the appearance of wrinkles in as few as 14 days. I saw a difference in restored skin elasticity and more importantly, refined texture of the eye contour with regular use. 

A luxurious eye cream enriched with multi-tension technology to lift and firm the skin. I love the richness of the cream, but it absorbs quickly. The eye contour area feels smoother and firmer, while eye bags are deflated and dark circles are reduced. I also recommend the Rénergie Eye Multiple Action if you want an eye cream that comes stacked with a sheer concealer 'veil' that helps to brighten up the whole face. It's a very efficient, travel-friendly treatment.

6. LANCÔME Genifique Repair Crème ($100 USD)
This is one of the best night creams I have ever used. Those with dry to combination skin types will appreciate the hydration boost of this formula. Most reviews online rave about how users saw a difference in their wrinkles after a few uses. I did not have wrinkles to start with, but my complexion always looked and felt more supple and refreshed after each use. 
Note: This cream contains mineral oil so it might be best to avoid this one if you know your skin reacts negatively to this particular ingredient.

7. SHISEIDO Bio-Performance Advanced Super Revitalizing Cream ($75 USD for 1.7 oz)
Prevent the first stages of line prevention with this richly textured, ultra-hydrating formulation. I find it particularly excellent on normal to very dry skin because it is very effective at boosting skin's resilience. My grandmother swears by this Super Revitalizing Cream and prefers it to even more expensive options. This product makes a great gift for moms. 

8. KATE SOMERVILLE Daily Deflector Waterlight Sunscreen ($48 USD for 1.7 oz)
This ultralight formula blends effortlessly into the skin, provides hydration, broad spectrum SPF 50+ protection, and antiaging benefits. It works well alone and under makeup. You can read the full review here, but this is a sunscreen worth trying even if you don't like SPF. Always remember that sunscreen is the best investment in preventing lines or wrinkles and discolorations.

9. DIOR DiorSnow White Reveal UV Shield Sunscreen ($58 USD for 1.3 oz)
Dior's face sunscreen will defend and moisturize the skin, leaving it soft and even. The DiorSnow range is excellent in its own right and is an ideal alternative to the Kate Somerville sunscreen for those with dry skin. I have tried both the older discontinued as well as the newly reformulated and repackaged UV Shield formulas. 

10. PETER THOMAS ROTH Max Complexion Correction Pads ($36 USD)
These exclusively formulated pads were designed to cleanse skin, clear up blackheads, refine pores, and reduce the appearance of fine lines. The glycolic and beta hydroxy acids clarify the skin instantly. This formula is one of the few that combats my blackheads effectively, and the 60 dual-textured pads can be cut in half to last up to 120 uses. I use these once or twice a week as a toner (no rinsing).
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  1. hi Can u recommend some products that can improve the acne spot and tone??

    1. Try Lancome Visionnaire, Kiehl's Spot Corrector, or even Armani's Luminessence! Depends on your budget, though.. try Peter Thomas Roth's AHA/BHA gel if you are on a budget!

  2. Hello Rae, do you like the reformulated Diorsnow sunscreen? How is it different? I really liked the old version because of the texture. Thanks for the helpful post!

    1. Yes, that's why I included it here! It's thinner, more like a lotion now

  3. Hi Rae, thanks for this post! Super helpful! I'm currently using the Chanel hydra beauty range and Lancôme visionnaire; it's really helping my dehydrated skin but my pores are still quite large (especially cheek area due to teenage acne). I exfoliate twice a week~ any suggestions what products I should add to help tighten them pores??

  4. Hi Rae, do you have any reviews for the Estee Lauder's Advance Night Repair line?


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