My Top 5 Summer Fragrances

Summer may be waning for some, but here in sunny Southern California, summer is still in full swing. I wanted to share with you my favorite fragrances this for warm season. We must treasure the bright days while they last, so I hope you enjoy these scents as much as I do!

Jo Malone Nectarine Blossom and Honey ($60 for 1 oz or $115 USD for 3.4 oz) is a mild clean floral on my skin. It seems to pull much sweeter on everyone else who I have sniffed while wearing it. Though it would have been nice for my body chemistry to highlight the nectarine note, I really do love how crisp and clean this honey fragrance wears on me. This scent is a proven crowd pleaser and ideal for any occasion since it is safe yet memorable, but I do recommend layering it over the Body Crème for prolonged lasting power. 2 SPRITZES

Elizabeth Arden's Green Tea ($29.50 USD for 1.7 oz or $39.50 for 3.3 oz) for is perfect if there is a budget to be respectful of or if or you would rather try your luck with a discount perfume before committing to more expensive fragrances. Green Tea is a mellow citrus that has a soothing dry down of the tea without any bitterness. It smells like sweet rain in a cool green meadow. This does require a couple spritzes throughout the day since it is a subtle scent, but each spray feels refreshing, making it ideal for summer. 2 SPRITZES

DKNY Be Delicious ($68 USD for 1.7 oz or $85 for 3.4 oz) is the very first department store fragrance I ever picked up as a wide-eyed adolescent. Be Delicious is bright and refreshing, though women in their late twenties and up may find it too young and fruity. I might not eat American apples, but I still love the green apple scent's lasting tartness and freshness. The sweet notes of the fruit do not come into play since it is balanced by the grapefruit and sandalwood, making it perfect for a summer brunch or beach day. 1 SPRITZ

Serge Lutens Nuit de Cellophane ($120 USD for 1.7 oz) is one of the tamest aka most wearable scents by this powerhouse fragrance house. The name of this perfume is to reference the smell in the Parisian markets when fresh flowers are wrapped up in cellophane and bursting with concentrated floral fragrance. This sweet and refined floral lasts a good six to seven hours. There is a hint of musk mid-wear, but I find that makes this feminine fragrance more sensual. It is the more 'powerful' version of Jo Malone's Nectarine and Honey Blossom without being too cloying. 1 SPRITZ

Kenzo FlowerbyKenzo ($78 USD for 1.7 oz or $99 for 3.4 oz) is one of my favorite powdery scents, and that says a lot considering I refused to wear anything powdery until encountering Flower. It starts off as a musky floral and quickly dries down to a soft powder that reminds me slightly of baby powder. Rest assured, it is not offensive at all and manages to last all day. Powders tends to be hit or miss, even this tender one, so try it on in stores before splurging. 1 SPRITZ
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