Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquer Lip Gloss in Pink 107 and Pink 520 Review, Photos, Swatches

Since becoming thoroughly enamored with Giorgio Armani's Flash Lip Lacquer Crystal Shine Gloss in Pink 519 (reviewed HERE), I could not stop thinking about which colors to splurge on next. I had not planned on purchasing anything in San Francisco when I visited last week, but when I spotted the Armani display, I could not resist. It was my first time seeing all the available colors in person, so I was pleasantly surprised by the wide range of color and glitter content. I chose a creamy nude pink and a subtly shimmering medium pink. Take a look at the  swatches after the jump!

I could not be happier with my purchases since I tend to reach for my pink lip glosses most. These Flash Lacquers in Pink 107 and Pink 520 brighten up the yellow undertones of my complexion. I was interested in a couple peaches and a few super glittery shades, but I own a few Armani Gloss d'Armani shades that will suffice [for now]. The textures of all the glosses, with or without shimmer, are like a plush, water-light gel. There is no cooling effect or transforming long-wearing gimmicks.. it is just a fabulous lip gloss that makes my lips feel soothed and look their best. 

P107 is the perfect milky pink gloss and now officially my Holy Grail. It isn't so pale or nude, allowing it to pair well with any makeup style. I have worn P107 with a smoky eye, just mascara, and a golden eye as shown above (using Urban Decay's Naked2 Palette). This is unlike any other pink-nude creme lipgloss. The hint of beige is perfectly neutral and balanced, making this my favorite of the three that I own. I adore that P107 is highly reflective despite the milkiness of the color.

P520 is a natural, my-lips-but-better pink. The touch of fuchsia and blue microshimmer gives my pout a fuller appearance, especially at the cupid's bow of my upper lip. I usually reach for my Le Metier de Beaute Lip Creme in Sweet Creme on no-makeup days, but P520 has a warm base that is not too dark or too loud against a bare face. This Flash Lacquer is not quite as bright on the lips as it looks in the tube, which I have actually have come to appreciate. It's one of those effortless products that lives in your purse.

P519 runs far more coral than P520, which is the sheerest of the three pictured below. I believe 519 and 520 have a translucency that is not as apparent in 107 due to the creamy, milky nature of the color. I was impressed with the pigmentation of P107 at first swipe. It wears the longest of these three on me, which is unheard of for a nude gloss on my mauve-tinged, dry lips. NOTE: the shimmer in 520 is not highly concentrated so the effect is more for dimension and less for the sake of sparkle. 

Though I am a lip gloss junkie, these Giorgio Armani Flash Lacquers have an addictive crystal-inspired shine that is so easy to apply and wear. I love that the formula does not attract my hair, and it does not goop up when I eat or drink. Many of you know by now that I have very sensitive lips, but this formula is so gentle and comforting that even the shimmer in 520 has not caused problems. 

You can purchase these glosses through Nordstrom or Giorgio Armani Beauty.

Bottom Line: I can't get enough of these and highly recommend we start collecting them together!
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  1. Very pretty I can't wait to try them!

  2. Wow, I'm really impressed by your description of the formula! I will definitely have to check these out. I'm loving 520. I have been looking for a good MLBB gloss that I don't have to apply with a mirror.

  3. The price of these aren't so bad considering how MAC's creamsheens are already running at 20 dollars. I will definitely have to stock up on these via online since I went to my local Nordies and couldn't find the Armani stand anywhere!

  4. Rae, you just me fell in love with glosses again. I stopped using them after years of not being able to make them work on my pigmented, flaky lips x

  5. I've been eyeing on the matte liquid lipsticks! Is Hollywood #400? Cos there are no numbers on Sephora - just names!
    These look great, too. But the liquid lipsticks appeal to me most.

  6. Rae! Thanks I love that you blog bc I can read them while baby is sleeping. Is it fragrance-free? I love glossimers for that reason.


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