Chanel L'Ete Papillon de Chanel Collection for Summer 2013 Review, Photos, Swatches, Comparisons

Let us welcome the Chanel's newest release, the Summer 2013 makeup collection! The dazzling colours of butterfly wings inspire a joyful look for Summer, with the enchanting collection L’ÉTÉ PAPILLON DE CHANEL. Creative Director of CHANEL Makeup Peter Philips envisions electric shades of gold, pink and platinum to set eyelids aglow, with lashes fluttering in whimsical aqua, lime and blue hues. Crisp peach and bright raspberry grace the lips, while nails finish the fleeting mood in glimmering shades of intense coral, deep blue-green and heavenly blue. 

I spent the morning swatching nearly the entire collection. I had previously purchased two of the nail polishes and one of the glossimers at Macy's South Coast Plaza, so those individual reviews should be posted next week. The display below was missing the Zephyr Glossimer, the beige with shimmer, but I am positive it swatches sheerly because I took a look at it when I purchased my nail polishes. I will wait for the collection to arrive at my local Nordstrom and purchase the eyeshadow pens then, in order to collect points on my purchases.. I simply couldn't wait on Bel-argus and Azure! See individual product reviews, photos, and swatches after the jump!

Now that you have seen the beautifully organized display with tester products, shall we begin the tour?

We will begin with the three nail polishes, $27 USD apiece, since they are on most people's radars. I was initially most attracted to Azure, and indeed it is a lovely green. Sabrina of the Beauty Look Book has a Color Focus post in which she shows you a variety of emerald shades that are similar or close to Azure HERE. I adore the metallic finish, but it is not for everyone. Bel-argus is much brighter than I had anticipated. It is the most striking of the three in my opinion. I thought I would have a very similar color in my admittedly large stash, but the only one that bears any resemblance to Bel-argus is Essie's Mesmerize excuse me, Aruba Blue (I owned both and gave them away last year so I confused the two). Aruba Blue is more shimmery and applies less evenly, while Bel-Argus is more metallic, but you definitely will not need to own both unless you adore the finish of Bel-Argus. Lilis is not the kind of shade I reach for, since this intense coral leans too far orange for me. I automatically passed, even if it is appropriate for summer pedicures.

The Pygmalion Rouge Coco Shine, $34 USD apiece, is a lovely raspberry shade. I think this is one of the most universally flattering brighter RCS lipsticks, and it was less shimmery than I had anticipated. If you have been waiting for a Chanel lipstick color to splurge on, I would recommend this because it is a perfect wearable color. Idylle, a soft peach, was pretty and contained even less shimmer than Pygmalion. I would have purchased this, but it was far too sheer for my medium pigmented lips. Too bad it was not a true peach.. Pale lips would love this easy to wear color!

The Glossimers in Zephyr, Envolee, and Eden, $29.50 USD apiece, are all very sheer. Some have wondered how similar Envolee is to last year's Chanel Summer Glossimer in Calypso. Envolee is much more peach and less orange-coral, with more multidimensionally colored shimmer than the largely gold shimmer in Calypso. Calypso is also much more pigmented and can be worn alone. Envolee has a beautiful glossy shine to it, but if you own Constellation, the effect is very similar. Zephyr is a peach-tinged beige with shimmer. It is even more sheer than Envolee, and it is best used as a topper for a nude lip or soft peach lip. Eden, the translucent raspberry, was my personal favorite. It reminds me of the now-discontinued Chanel Gloss Fluos from a couple summers ago, which are my absolute favorite even if there isn't much color to them. The non-shimmer Glossimers are so supremely moisturizing, and they are the best for my sensitive dry lips. I will have review and comparisons photos to share with you soon! 

The Inimitable Waterpoof Mascaras were actually very impressive. I am not one for colored mascaras, since you can always use powdered shadows to top off your black mascara, but this waterproof formula dried quickly and vibrantly. Zest (bright yellow) was the most disappointing of the much, very thin in pigment. The Blue Note (electric blue) and Lime Light (tender green) colors were my favorite. Blue Note is a more subtle way to wear colored mascara, but I really love the way Lime Light looks. I would indeed wear it out, and that speaks volumes because I am a dedicated fan of colored eyeliner. The only colored mascaras I have ever purchased are deeper colors, and all by YSL, but I may go back for Lime Light. Aqua Blue (bluish green) was the only shimmery mascara color of the bunch, but it is more muted in comparison to the other shades.

Before we get into the Stylo Eyeshadows, I would like to show you the True Blue Stylo Yeux Waterproof, $30 USD. This pencil liner formula is hit or miss for me, because the dark browns and black shades so smear on my eyes. True Blue, however, is more waterproof than most because it would not budge off my hand! There is plenty of navy and bright blue shimmer in the color, but it is ultimately too similar to my Urband Decay shades in Electric and Clash to warrant a purchase. (I apologize for the slight blurriness of the photo above.)

And now for the finale, the Stylo Eyeshadows, which have a cooling effect on the eyes due to the lightweight, water-infused formula. They are expensive at $34 USD apiece, but wow, are they lovely. And they are waterproof! You may use them as eyeliner or eyeshadow.

--Moon River (platinum): I cannot resist a taupe to save my life. Taupe eyeshadows are flattering on just about everyone, and they are not offensive in any environment. Pretty yet safe, so why resist?  Moon River is the most wearable of the bunch, and it reminds me of a more neutral Chanel Rose Platine Stylo WP, which is unfortunately now discontinued and impossible to find.  Some said Moon River was similar to Chanel's Epatant Illusion d'Ombre, but Epatant is far much more silver-green in tone as evidenced by the comparison swatches below. 

--Cool Gold (luminous gold): This was the softest Stylo Waterproof in texture. When I was swatching, the tip of this pencil was falling apart. It could have been a faulty tester, but either way, it is not a deal breaker because the shade is so pigmented and luminous. It is similar to the Gold Lame Illusion d'Ombre, but Cool Gold is much brighter, more pigmented, and contains less of a silvery sheen. If I had fewer gold eyeshadows and eyeliners, I would definitely purchase this!

--Pink Lagoon (fresh pink): I never gravitate toward pinks because they make my already puffy and round eyes look swollen, but Pink Lagoon is gorgeous! It would pair beautifully with a matte purple for a dramatic colorful look. If I can find a brand new tester, I will try this on my eyes with a dark brown eyeshadow to see if it is more wearable than other pinks. It reminds me of the pink Twin Set eyeshadow duo, powder side, from Dior's Spring 2013 Cherie Bow collection. 

--Jade Shore (tender green): This shade looks more icy blue on some, but on my warm complexion, Jade Shore is a distinct pale green. I wish it were more jade and less grey. It is very similar to Tremendous Turquoise by Lancome, which is from the Spring 2013 In Love Collection. Jade Shore may have a bit less frost in the metallic finish. You can safely skip Jade Shore if you own Tremendous Turquoise, unless you love the color so much that you want a more travel-friendly version of the product.

--Blue Bay (silvery turquoise blue): Because Jade Shore was so similar to Tremendous Turquoise, I figured Blue Bay would be equally similar to another Lancome Spring '13 shade, called Boundless Blue. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived back home to see that Boundless Blue is far more metallic and much paler. I do not even own eyeliners that are similar to Blue Bay, so this one is a must-have for blue eyeshadow lovers!

--Black Stream (silvery black): It is quite similar to the Mirique Illusion d'Ombre, which is one of my favorite black eyeshadows of all time. The concentrated silver shimmer in Mirifique, however, does tend to drop on my cheeks at the end of the day. I feel that with the waterproof and thinner water-based formula of Black Stream, most people will find this new black eyeshadow easier to wear. It is definitely well pigmented and can be sheered out into sparkly grey eyeshadow if you wish. Black Stream wins on the versatility front, so I will be going back for this one since I know I will reach for it.


Closing Thoughts: Chanel has released a fabulous and FUN makeup collection. You will not just be paying for branding and packaging because all of these products perform up to par with their claims. I love the Bel-argus and Azure Le Vernis, though Bel-argus seems the most popular of the three releases, so I recommend picking that one up first! I will be going back for the Moon River and Black Stream Stylo Eyeshadows, and most likely the Lime Light mascara to sport on my lower lashes. I realize there is not enough pigment in the Glossimers for many of you (considering the cost of each one), but the formula is a must-have for dry and sensitive lips!

P.S. Lisa Eldrige posted a video using all of the Stylo Eyeshadows! She is also wearing Bel-argus on her nails, if you were interested in seeing each of the shades in action.
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  1. Thanks for the review.
    I have never heard of an Illusion D'ombre called Gold Lame, which collection is it from? What number?

  2. I am incredibly excited for this collection, almost everything I want, uh oh! Thank you so much for all the swatches aand the comparisons! I do think I definitely need Azure and Moonlight, those are the stand outs for me ^^.

  3. If you go back to Nordstrom at SCP on a weekend, look for my friend Ashley at the Chanel counter, she is fantastic =)

  4. OMG! I have been looking forward to this. Wish I had a ton of extra $$$. I'd get the whole collection. Thanks for the swatches:D.

  5. Awesome review Rae! Are you going to do a tutorial on this collection as well? I would love to see you create a look with this beautiful collection!

  6. WOW - I love the "pygmalion" lipstick shade. I'm venturing more with subtle to bright colours that compliment my complexion/skintone and the swatch looks really nice. I'm not a pink fan but I love anything raspberry/coral. I don't really like lipsticks with shimmer/frosty finishes...will this work for dry/extra dry lips? Any recommendations on similar shades to pygmalion? Love your yt channel and blogs, very informative and I always come to you when buying high-end makeup :) x

  7. Thank you so much for sharing! The Stylo eye pencils caught my attention! :)) I am going to pick up
    Moon River as I have a weakness for Taupe. :) I'm tempted by Pygmalion rouge coco shine! :) ok, these will my pick from this collection! :)

  8. Beautiful! But I'm more interested in YSL summer collection. Please review them too!!

  9. Rouge Coco Shine Lipstick - 467-Pygmalion

    CHANEL 2013 Summer Levres Scintillantes Glossimer Lip Gloss in 427 Envolee


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