Tom Ford Lip Shine Color Lipsticks [Complete Collection] Review, Photos, Swatches

Ladies and Gentlemen, today I present the complete line up of Tom Ford Lip Shine Color Lipsticks! I previously reviewed half of the shades in this post HERE, where you can see packaging comparisons of this new semi-sheer, balmy lipstick in comparison to the semi-matte, full pigment Private Blend lipstick. I also address the Tom Ford Lip Shine v. Chanel Rouge Coco Shine debate in said post, so please do take a moment to glance at the photos. Let us dissect the full set of swatches after the jump!

Above, L-R: Willful, Frolic, Insidious, Smitten

Initially, I felt Smitten (above) looked too similar to Frolic in the tube. On my lips, however, it is an entirely different story. Frolic is a wearable peach with a hint of pink that brightens up my complexion. Smitten is a paler warm pink with a ton of apparent gold and peach shimmer. The base leans nude, but I actually prefer that because it tones down the mauve in my lips, making this an ideal party or special occasion color. It is the more pink nude-toned base lipstick version of Chanel Glossimer in Constellation, one of my all-time favorite lip glosses. The shimmer is unbelievably gorgeous, and it took my breath away when it caught the light. I would not recommend Smitten or Bare for a professional work setting, though, because the concentrated pale shimmer does have a slight frost effect.

Above, L-R: Abandon, Nubile, Bare

Nubile and Abandon are excellent picks for conservative ladies or beige lipstick lovers. Nubile is the balm version of Tom Ford's Private Blend Lipstick in Sable Smoke, but it is much glossier due to the formula. I nearly always wear a high-shine gloss over Sable Smoke because I find darker nudes tend to look best with a gloss against my complexion, so Nubile is the perfect no-fuss replacement for Sable Smoke. Abandon is the more wearable nude, a 'toned' down version of Nubile. I prefer Abandon to Bare, but they look perfectly balanced when worn together. Abandon has more peach than Nubile, though I would definitely not include peach in the description of the actual color on my lips. Simply put, Abandon is a lovely natural, warm beige nude. I recommend wearing Bare on top if you are of light-medium complexion as I am because the gold and neutral shimmer in Bare will help to brighten your complexion and provide your lips a fuller look.

Above, L-R: Quiver, Ravenous, Chastity

Chastity surprised because I did not expect it to be so pale. It swatched similarly enough to Chanel  Rouge Coco Shine in Chance on paper but looked nothing like Chance on my lips. This will be a great statement nude for those with very deep skin or a staple shade for those who are very fair with pale lips. It has a lovely lavender lean that the Quiver Lip Shine Color does not have. If you are of a warm, light-medium complexion, you have been warned.. Chastity washed out my bare complexion completely, making it one of those "high maintenance" colors that you must wear with a full face of make-up in order to balance out the color. That does not mean I dislike Chastity; it simply means I have discovered that Quiver is a much easier color for me to wear on the daily when I do not wear much makeup. Let this be a reminder that how we approach color depends entirely upon our skin's tones, and more importantly, our makeup preferences. So do not take swatches to heart, because how each shade looks on paper, against my skin, or even on my lips and against my skin tone is not necessarily a reflection of how any of these will appear on you.

Ravenous was my least favorite of this bunch, and it may be my least favorite of the ten. It is a neutral bright pink that you can wear sheerly with two swipes or build up with four swipes. I would not go so far as to call it fuchsia, but it surely packs a punch of color (more so on the lips than shows on paper in the swatches below). I rarely ever gravitate toward medium dark pinks, so that bias will inform my preferences. I do find that this color may suit the widest range of skin tones and preferences for pink lovers, so give it a try if you like more pigmented hydrating lipstick formulas. For those claiming that the Tom Ford Lip Shines are not pigmented enough, do try Willful, my favorite new sheer red, and this Ravenous shade.

And last but not least, the complete set of Tom Ford Lip Color Shine Lipstick Swatches! These lipsticks are semi-sheer in color coverage, so they appear more pigmented against white paper than they would on the lips. Just for your reference, Insidious is very bright and leans orange in the swatches but wears like a natural peach, while Bare seems to lean grey in swatches because the gold shimmer does not pop the way it does when worn on the lips.

Top Row, L-R: Chastity, Quiver, Ravenous, Smitten, Frolic, Insidious
Bottom Row, L-R: Willful, Bare, Nubile, Abanadon

I do find the shades in my Tom Ford Lip Shine Review Part 1 were the most wearable for light-medium skin tones, but I adore them all. Each has a unique place in my lipstick collection. These lipsticks may be a splurge at $48 apiece, but I still wholeheartedly recommend them because I personally reach for my sheer and semi-sheer lipsticks most often. They are easier to apply (and reapply) on the fly. Most people find the Private Blend lipsticks a better buy -- more mileage due to the versatility in pigment -- but these Lip Shine Colors suit my lifestyle better.

Note: These Tom Ford Lip Shine Colors are more dense in texture and are supremely more hydrating than are Chanel Rouge Coco Shine or YSL Rouge Shine Volupte lipsticks. I adore the thicker, balm-like feel because it works to heal my constantly dehydrated lips, which feel more comfortable after wearing these Lip Shine Colors, despite the fact some of them have a higher shimmer content. If you are looking to plump up the lip lines a bit or smooth out the surface of dry lips, these are positively your best bet. Abandon, Ravenous, Nubile, and Willfull have the least apparent shimmer, while Smitten and Bare have the highest concentration of glitter.

Bottom Line: Smitten and Nubile swept me off my feet, earning the Tom Ford Lip Shine Color Lipsticks a permanent rotation on my vanity.



  1. Love your reviews! They are especially helpful when you break down the colors by how they look on specific skim tones. I have a lot of trouble blindly trying out colors and the girls at sephora arent always the best judge. Have you ever considered adding a recap in list/bulleted format? I woukd take it with me when I go shopping if it was a concise summary of which colors i should try based on my skin color. Keep on raeving!

  2. Great Pictures! These look divine.
    I can't wait to get my hands on them. X

  3. Awesome post, these lipstick shades are gorgeous :)

  4. Hooray for hydrating lippies! I wish they'd sell Tom Ford in the Philippines :(

    1. They don't have them in Rustan's?

    2. They don't have it at Rustan's?

  5. Oh man! No I gotta go out and buy me some Tom Ford Lipsticks, so much for my budget. Thanks Rae! haha!

  6. Thanks so much for this helpful review, now am really going to put my hands on Smitten I already own Nubile and Ravenous and luv it! I wear it for work everyday I'm a flight attendant so my lips are constantly dry in the air and these lip shines are truly beautiful and hydrating!

  7. Ohh Tom Ford... I so want to try these ... :D :D

  8. I will have to add Abandon and Bare to my TF Lip Shine lineup. Thanks for the review of the whole collection.

  9. hi rae! i bought frolic as soon as i saw it in your previous tf lip shine review! i have to admit that i wasn't so impressed... at first. like most glossy lipsticks, the lasting power was very short. i think it starts to fade on me after 20-30 minutes, which was disappointing, since the tf lipstick is amazing when it comes to lasting me for 6 hours. also, the frolic color is very close to my natural lip color, so initially, i didn't really notice a huge difference in using it or just wearing glossy chapstick. however, as i wear it a few more times, the color is definitely now growing on me. i do notice that since there's some shimmer in it, it adds dimension to my lips, which in term, makes my lips look fuller. the color i would say is still close to my natural tone, but it's definitely more like my lips on the best days (my natural lip color varies). if you're curious to what it looks like on me, check out my blog. i just wore it in my recent outfit post. to me, the price is still a little hard to swallow for how often i have to reapply, but i think it's worth it if the color is perfect. thanks for the review and recommendation!

  10. How do these compare to Dior Addict lippies, Rae??


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