Remember in one of my recent hauls, I promised to update you when Haute Look released Rock and Republic cosmetics again? Well, the sale is starting tomorrow at 8 am, PST. I will be filming a full review tonight in case some of you were interested in a refresher of the products. I will be going through the pros and cons of the R&R blushers, shadows, lipglosses, and a cream liner ^_~ Once the video uploads, I will update this post so you can take a look!

If you're interested in purchasing R&R cosmetics, click here!

You obviously do not have to accept my invitation if you do not feel comfortable clicking the link ^.^ But Rock and Republic cosmetics are a great buy for the price and I wanted to follow through with my promise!

On Tuesday, Becca cosmetics will be on sale, too, so I will be purchasing a few products if I can afford them. Money is a bit tight these days because I have been sick and unable to work. I hope you guys understand if I have to put review requests for products I don't currently own on hold until after this academic quarter and holiday season!


  1. I love your nailpolish in the video. What is it?? Apologies if you posted the info somewhere, but I looked and didn't see it.

  2. FYI: R&R website re-stocked their cosmetics and the 50% off coupon(ROCKCOSMETICS) is still on-going. and as well as the 99 cents shipping! so stock up ladies!!!

  3. thanks for this great video. my hautelook order came today and i looove the 2 blushes (lust & tease) and 2 eyeshadows (diffused and sabotage). too bad i didn't order more, i was a little cautious since i never saw them in person. the quality is divine!! can't wait for the next sale.


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