Winter Skin TLC: DiorSnow Sunscreen


This is the best sunscreen for dry skin! It dries semi-matte but I find that it hydrates my combination skin too much. It feels much like a night/treatment cream when applied initially, as the texture is firm, but the formula is easily spread with the fingertips. It is quite comfortable on my dry cheeks but the make-up on my T-Zone was sliding off after a few hours. If you have oily skin, you want to stick to Chanel UV Essential instead!

Now, some might wonder.. why does SPF matter when winter has set in? The lack of sunlight does not mean your skin is not exposed! You should wear sunscreen all year round and protect your skin from early aging :) If you find a sunscreen that can double as a face primer, it just replaces a step in your morning routine instead of adding another. DiorSnow and Chanel UV are both versatile enough to use as sunscreen and face primer so you get your money's worth! The bottles are tiny but don't let that discourage you from purchasing them because only a pea-sized amount of product is needed.

And like it states on the box, this particular sunscreen was tested on Asian skin because this range was designed for Asian skin! It does suit sensitive skin so ask for a sample at your local counter. DiorSnow skincare was once an Asia exclusive but within the last year or so, was introduced to the American market! Another thing to keep in mind - these whitening/snow products target hyperpigmentation and encourage production of healthy skin cells to create an even skin tone. They are not intended to make skin fairer!

We still do not have access to DiorSnow cosmetics, though I am hoping that will change in the next few years.


RAEview's Rating: B+
This sunscreen is unfortunately not a hit with my combination skin but dry skins will love the smooth formula and hydrating properties of DiorSnow!


  1. Rae, you have to try Hera's sunscreen. It's been a makeup staple of mine...only problem is the difficulty in locating it here in the States.

  2. do you recommend any other sunscreens? i have tried the shiseido one but it makes my face look greasy. is this dior similar to the shiseido one?

  3. Candice - I would love to try Hera's! I will ask my friend to track it down for me :)

    Anon - Like I stated in the post, try Chanel's!

  4. Hey Rae, I was wondering...is this sunscreen also suppose to whiten your skin too? Because my main goal is to just get protection from the sun. My face is extremely sensitive to the sun and I have been looking to invest in a very good sunscreen, and I've been debating between this one and the Chanel one.

  5. Kristen - None of the whitening products are actually intended to whiten. They simply target the pigmentation and even out the skin, while adding more luminosity! If you have dry skin, definitely go with the Dior but try Chanel's first if you have oily/combination skin :)

  6. Is the DiorSnow Sunscreen (or any other product) sold in Canada? Or would I have to exclusively go to the States/Asia to get this line? Thank you for your time!

  7. Min - It should be available at Holt Renfrew!

  8. What sun screen do you use Rae? I have combination skin and I'm trying to find a good one for this season!

  9. Would you recommend the Chanel UV Essential all year round?


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