Lancome's Spring 2010 Ultra Lavande Collection

Once I saw these images on Musings of a Muse, I knew I had to share these with you! I've seen images of Chanel's Spring collection on Temptalia but only the new Joues Contraste blusher interested me. That says plenty, as most of you are aware of my fierce loyalty to Chanel!
I, however, am lemming this ENTIRE Lancôme collection! It's more or less irresistible if you have a feminine side. And even if your feminine side is less prominent.. how can you say no to the gorgeous packaging and combination of wearable pastels? Purples, pinks, and corals are my color weaknesses but with my massive coral splurges this past summer, I am ready to tackle the new year's lilac and rose quartz inspirations.
I feel as though Lancôme has been caught up with the likes of Chanel and Dior in terms of creativity and new products releases the past three seasons. I've also noticed their products have been selling out nearly as fast as Chanel or even ever-hyped MAC these days. It's not a complete rebranding of the company by any means but I think their interpretations of color have been a breath of fresh air!

Here is the pièce de résistance, the La Rose Butterfly Blush! My best friend Tammy adores butterflies [our bathroom is covered in butterfly decor] so I may have to surprise her with one, too..

With this collection are three additional Ombre Magnetiques in Disco Gold, Silver, and Ultra Lavande. My favorite, of course, is the lavender and I find that these are best applied with the fingertips!

Next are the Ballerine Color Fever Glosses - Natural Origin. These glosses tend to be sheer but I can only imagine how pretty the pink and lilac shades would be slicked on top of my favorite Le Lipstique Pencils!

I'm intrigued most, however, by this Glossary Touch Absolute Lipstick! Is this a new lipstick launch or simply limited edition packaging? I can't wait to see which shades will be offered. There better be a sheer lilac or else I will be disappointed!

The new Natural Origin Kohl seems to be an iced lilac with a bit of pink. This will most likely brighten up the waterline and contrast nicely against the new purple Lancôme Ink Artliner, which I've yet to try. I have already professed my love and dedication to the original pen Artliner so I'm excited to give this formula a go!

And last but not least.. the incredible nail varnishes. The Lancôme blog posted a picture of the two several weeks ago and believe me, this promo picture does not do these glittery varnishes justice. I will have to purchase back-ups!

What a collection, don't you agree? It's flirty and feminine, everything that spring should signify! A fresh start with a fresh look <3 And yes, I do realize that Thanksgiving is only right around the corner but it cannot possibly deter my exhilaration for the upcoming year!
Think lovely thoughts and have a wonderful day, everyone.


  1. !!! I completely agree, I have been LOVING their latest collections! I'm glad they're stepping up because I always felt like Lancome was the "forgotten" brand amongst late teen to women in their 20's.

    Can't wait for your next video! :)


  2. OMG I have not came across a collection where i want every single piece from it! Not even Chanel or Dior!!

    But this collection however, god dayum!! I want everything >< Even the glosses!!!

    **squeals!* super excited ahhaa

  3. the rose butterfly blush is so pretty ... too pretty to use >.<
    thanks for sharing. can't wait til this arrives in australia *fingers crossed*

  4. The blush is incredibly pretty! I wonder what the shade(s) will be for the Glossary lipstick... Can't wait!

  5. The compact with the butterflies is just beautiful! I couldn't use it. It's too pretty. :)

  6. Purple is one of my favourite colours. The blush looks too pretty to use. I would have wanted to see a eyeshadow quad with this collection as well.

  7. this is such a pretty collection... I really need to start earning so that I don't have to justify high-end purchases! ^^

  8. OMGOSH I saw this collection and just about died! Purple is my favorite color and I am so glad its making its rounds in the fashion world of colors! The butterfly blush is very pretty and girly, definately wanting to scoop up the lavander ombre magnetique and lavender nail polish!

  9. I absolutely LOVE anything purple or lavender myself. That blush is gorgeous! I can't wait till this is released!

  10. so lovely la rose butterfly blush!!!


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