Prime-Time Holiday Gifting

Yesterday, I shared with you what NOT to buy this holiday season. Today, I will show you what you SHOULD indulge in, if you are willing to get sucked into the gleeful event called Christmas [or self-gifting] shopping :)

Here it is, ladies and gentlemen.. the Dior Holiday Brush Set!

It's lovely and worth every penny. The red patent cannage case with a silver zipper is sewn to perfection and it is separated into two sections: the left has four little pouches with a smart cover overhead to contain and protect the four brushes and the right has a large mirror. The case is lightweight yet durable. It is now one of my staple travel companions!

Now, for the quality. It is rare for a mini brush set's brushes to have quality that is on par with a full size brush. These mini Dior brushes, however, are dense AND soft. The foundation, large eyeshadow, and concealer brushes have identical brush head sizes to the full-size Dior brushes. Only the blush brush is smaller, maybe by 50%, but the condensed size does not reduce the ease with which I apply color! The brush protectors are also a nice touch, as very few sets include those anymore. I like to use them to hold each brush's shape while not in use!

While duo fiber brushes are all the rage these days, I am an old-fashioned gal and prefer traditional foundation brushes and Dior's foundation brush is one of my favorites! [For those interested: Chanel and Bobbi Brown are the other two that round out my top 3.] Dior's cheek brush is a hit or miss with many, as some don't like the squirrel hair and some don't like the rectangular shape. I love BOTH aspects: the squirrel hair remains soft and doesn't shed, and the rectangular shape is hard to come by. It makes it a great multi-tasking tool, as I can apply blush on the apples of my cheeks, highlighter across the tops of my cheekbones, or a contour color in the hollows of my cheeks! The concealer brush can double up as a lip brush if necessary and the eyeshadow brush is perfect for sweeping on a highlighter color and a complementing lid color.

My favorite accent, though, is the design of the handles! The handles have a bit of weight, which makes them feel expensive. They are not so heavy, however, that it is difficult to grasp and use. It's a lovely density, in my opinion. Furthermore, the white Dior Logomania cuff around the handles doesn't fade or chip off. Granted, I take very careful care of my brushes but as long as you don't throw them around and beat them up in messy cosmetic bags, they will last YEARS!

This brush set is, of course, a limited edition product so start saving! It's the best $60 investment that you can gift yourself or another loved one this holiday season.


RAEview's Rating: A+


  1. They look so luxurious and cute! And I think I agree I'd be delighted if someone gifted me this hehe xD

  2. Woah, gorgeous! But I just bought a No7 set of mini-brushes at a fraction of the price (and quality, probably). This will be on my very long wish list!

  3. Where can we purchase this set?

  4. Oooh! The brushes look absolutely lovely! I love your reviews and advice! <3

  5. this brush set is stunning. clever patent case - with a mirror on the other side: pure genius! thanks for sharing Rae - i'll definitely keep a look out for this one.

    p.s. i also picked up the lancome genefique following your updating skin care tutorial - and i absolutely love it. leaves a soft and smooth texture. thanks a million xo

  6. They're quickly disappearing in Canada too, and the price for them is $75CDN! How about the 2 Lancome holiday sets? What are your thoughts on them?

  7. so Rae, the Dior foundation brush is your favorite out of the Chanel and the BB's? im adding one of those in my wish list for sure!

  8. Rinni - Make sure you tell your besties that it's on your list! ^_~
    CosmeticsAficionado and LiquoredonLaquer and Lisa - The quality and cuteness factor is undeniable!
    Jane - I've seen them at Nordstrom, Macy's, Neiman Marcus, and Saks. Just check your local department stores :)
    Minky - Glad it helps! <3
    Faye - I'm glad the Genifique is working for you! I've been using the cream serum these days, too, and I love it even more than the concentrate!
    Lily - I haven't purchased the holiday sets because I'm short on funds these days but they're lovely!
    Ssin - In order of preference: Bobbi Brown, Dior, Chanel :)

  9. I love your pictures! I had gotten the Chanel mini set earlier but I did not like the brushes. I think I'll stop by and pick the Dior ones up!


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