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Charlotte Tilbury is my favorite new beauty launch this year! Her makeup beats Gucci's by a long shot (first impressions review here), so I apologize for not being able to share this compilation sooner. I was waiting on some additional products to arrive and figured it was worth the wait to share as many shade variations as possible. Check out the individual product reviews and swatches after the jump!

Charlotte is a woman who understands what other women want, and her makeup makes it easy for women to choose and use it. The lineup is curated into 10 "Looks" inspired by various celebrities that Charlotte has worked with over the years, but all products can be purchased individually. For those who like to take the guesswork out of creating a cohesive, balanced color look, I highly recommend purchasing a kit.

Some of my favorite products from Charlotte Tilbury were unexpected finds. I love the Cle de Peau and Burberry eyebrow pencils, but the Charlotte Tilbury Brow Lift Pencil rounds out my Top 3. It's an excellent brow product but more importantly, it's affordable! I love the pencil formula, even if it is waxier than I'm accustomed to. It is easy to fill in sparse spots since it adds texture and can be layered on for bigger, bolder brows. The color Brooke S is ideal for brunettes, a perfect balance between warm and cool. I usually prefer ashy grey-brown brows as it looks more natural on my faint black brow hairs, but Brooke S is more flattering when I wear bronzy eyes with a nude lip. Bonus: the pencil twists off in the center to reveal a shimmery brow highlighter!

Another unexpected find was the Lip Cheat lip liner. I generally skip lip liner, but I absolutely adore the velvety formula of the Lip Cheat because it makes my lips look more voluptuous. It does not dehydrate my sensitive lips, and the Pillow Talk color is a slightly brighter pink than my natural lip color. New in is Pink Venus, a stunning pink with presence. I usually use Pillow Talk all over my lips and only use Pink Venus to outline my lips. I do find that they help my lip colors last longer and wear more evenly. After using LancĂ´me and Chanel lip liners for year, the Lip Cheat ($22 USD each) is officially my favorite new lip liner formula!

The K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipsticks are beautifully packaged. I love the rose gold plastic, and the formula is equally stunning. Hepburn Honey is luxuriously creamy, rich and opaque. Charlotte Tilbury's nudes are outstanding, some of the best I have tried. I will be adding more nude-pinks to my collection soon, but until then, I will be enjoying Velvet Underground. I love how intense and vibrant this fuchsia is. Velvet Underground makes my teeth look brighter and whiter, and it does not accentuate any surface dryness. For the price, these K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipsticks ($32 USD each) are excellent alternatives to my favorite Tom Ford Lip Colors ($50 USD each).

Last but not least, we have the the Lip Lustre lip gloss. High Society was a surprise at first swipe because it almost feels like a liquid lipstick! It is hydrating and well pigmented for a gloss, but I especially love that the texture does not feel too thin or watery. It has a slightly tacky finish, and some have mentioned is similar to MAC's Lipglasses (which I cannot wear). That might deter some ladies who dislike long hair sticking to their lips, but I don't mind it because it makes the gloss long-lasting. These Lip Lustres ($22 USD each) are shiny but not excessively glossy, so they make a great alternative to Chanel Rouge Allure glosses!

My newest Lip Lustre additions are Sweet Stiletto and Seduction. Sweet Stiletto has a bit of shimmer, and it is a My-Lpis-But-Better pink on my lips. Seduction is a classic nude, well suited for those with fair to light-medium skin tones. It, however, may appear too milky-white on those with darker toned lips. My favorite shade is still High Society, for its outstanding wear and universally flattering rose shade. Overall, I recommend these slim, compact lip glosses if you carry a clutch or mini handbag often.

Let's move on to some eye makeup! The Full Fat Lashes 5 Star Mascara ($29 USD) was one of the first Charlotte Tilbury products I reviewed, and unfortunately, it did not work for me. I adore the staggered layers of the brush and the formula truly does make my lashes full and fat with very minimal to no smudging, but this mascara has zero curl holding ability. My fabulously made up lashes fall straight down, hiding the pretty effects of the mascara. If Charlotte released a waterproof version, I'd be first in line to buy it! Until then, I say pass if you have fine and straight lashes as I do.

The Classic Eye Powder Pencil ($22 USD) is another product that I cannot recommend. The color Audrey is a cool mink brown that is ideal for daytime wear, but it smudges uncontrollably on me. If smudged along the lash line on top of an eyeshadow base and layered with eyeshadow, the Classic Eye Powder Pencil should migrate considerably less. Those with hooded eyelids should avoid this at all costs. If you rarely experience smudging with eyeliners, then it might be worth a try! The one plus is that it is as gentle as advertised — no tugging or dragging whatsoever.

The Rock-N-Kohl Eyeliners ($26 USD each), on the other hand, are excellent waterproof pencils. I still experience a bit of smudging in the corners of my eyes with the Bedroom Black shade after 4 or 5 hours, but it definitely outperforms other popular black pencils from MUFE (too dry) and Urban Decay (too soft). Bedroom Black is not as inky black in color as my preferred Armani WP Pencil ($28 USD), but the Charlotte Tilbury moves less. Now, the Eye Cheat Rock-N-Kohl is an exceptional nude pencil that is the longest lasting that I've experienced on my waterlines. If you like the fresh, wide-eyed look, then you absolutely need (NEED) this pencil.

The Color Chameleon Eye Pencils ($26 USD each) seem to be hit or miss with some. I love Champagne Diamonds in the inner corner for an evening look, but those with sensitive eyes have mentioned issues with the grittiness of the shimmer. My eyes can tolerate it, so I absolutely love it! For a less glitzy finish, top it with a shimmery champagne or ivory eyeshadow, which will also extend the wear time. Amber Haze is beautiful on brown eyes and makes for a quick eye look, but I do not believe I would repurchase it.  It has a smooth pearly formula, but I do find that it requires a primer to prevent fading. All the Color Chameleon Pencils dry down extremely quickly, so blending must be done immediately and in sections (like inner corner, lid, then lower lash line).

The Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder in Medium (a neutral beige) is ideal for touch-ups on my normal to dry skin. The powder ($45 USD) is more finely milled than I had anticipated, and the silky smooth texture is excellent for setting liquid foundations. It mattifies and blurs the skin for a soft-focus effect that is difficult to achieve with pressed powders. The Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder is sheer, lightweight (non-cakey), and only a hint illuminating, making an excellent option for those with oily T-zones and complexions. The packaging is a reflective rose gold plastic, which does not appear quite as luxurious as the Filmstar Bronze and Glow's compact, but it is memorable nonetheless.

Next up for powder is the Filmstar Bronze and Glow. This product is phenomenal! I have been wearing it non-stop, despite the fact I generally never wear shimmery bronzers. The bronzer looked too light at first, but the color is buildable. It may look too subtle on those with tan to dark skin, but I still think it is worth a try  because this Filmstar formula ($65 USD) manages to make my skin glow without looking like a disco ball. I wish the highlighter had been a more platinum-blonde color, but the ivory champagne is more flattering across all skin tones. I just happen to prefer a brighter highlight. Overall, this is one of the most impressive CT products and I highly, highly recommend it!

Now, let's wind down with the Cheek to Chic Swish and Pop Blushes. Most of you know that I much prefer blush to bronzer, and in this case the bronzer definitely wins. These blushes look too similar on my skin after oxidizing, so I only recommend First Love. Sex on Fire is deeper, more mauve than the coral-pink Ecstasy, but I wasn't wowed by either. I prefer First Love because it is subtle and natural, and it oxidized the least on my complexion. The texture of these blushes ($40 USD each) is outstanding — pigmented, finely-milled, and luminous without veering excessively shimmery, but the color line-up did not impress me. I'd love to see more variety and noticeable differences between the shades.

Last but not least, the Luxury Palettes are some fabulous eyeshadow offerings. I adore The Dolce Vita's bronzy vibe, but I think The Sophisticate is truly a must-have basic. Every shade is ultra smooth, highly pigmented, and versatile enough to mix with any of Charlotte's other palettes. If you find Tom Ford's Cocoa Mirage too warm, The Sophisticate will be right up your alley. The Uptown Girl is very cool on my yellow-toned skin, but I love the ultra shimmery formulas! The fall-out was minimal and easy to sweep away with a fluffy brush.

The popular Dolce Vita palette includes a sheer glittery bronze, but it does not adhere to the lids nearly as well as Tom Ford's glitter eyeshadows, which are also more multi-faceted. The latest to join my collection's ranks is The Rebel, which lives up to its namesake with very bold green tones. I adore the pairing between the grass green and the blue-based teal. The Dolce Vita and The Rebel have the most variety in textures, from shimmery to satiny to glittery, but I do wish the glitter shades felt more substantial either with more glitter opacity or more pigmented eyeshadow bases.

Ultimately, I love how Charlotte labels each eyeshadow with an intended purpose. 1 is Prime, 2 is Enhance, 3 is Smoke, and 4 is Pop. This really takes the guesswork out of applying all four shades, which can be a challenge for some who tend to wear natural makeup aka one eyeshadow. Charlotte Tilbury makeup is glamorous yet easy to layer, which makes the whole range more approachable. The shades in each colorway ($52 USD) are truly harmonious, so I think she did a marvelous job with these eyeshadow palettes. The pigmentation is fairly consistent and easy to blend. I, however, can't wait to see her incorporate and launch more matte eyeshadow palettes like The Sophisticate!


I realize this was an extremely long, dense post, but I hope you enjoyed it. I have fallen head over heels for many Charlotte Tilbury products, and I have been wearing them as frequently as my Holy Grail products from beloved brands like Tom Ford and Cle de Peau! The burgundy and rose gold packaging is remarkably unique, and the makeup performs as well as it looks. All of the shades — from lipstick to blush to eyeshadow — work harmoniously together!

Bottom Line: I highly recommend the Luxury Palettes, the Filmstar Bronze and Glow (for fair to medium skin), the K.I.S.S.I.N.G. Lipsticks, the Brow Lift Pencil, the Airbrush Flawless Finish Powder, the Rock-N-Kohl pencils, the Lip Lustre glosses, and the Lip Cheat liners.
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  1. Amazing post, very thorough. I really want to try the eyeliners. The lip glosses look so pretty. x

  2. Enjoyed the forthright review with pros and cons stated clearly. I have a good feel for each product now. Thanks so much!!!!

  3. great post!! hope to see more in the future! every detail helps :)

  4. Great review!!! I am so in love with the luxury palettes as well. Only issue is how can you choose just one, two or three? It's all so gorgeous! I have been stressing out on what items to pick if I were to buy her products. Since it's on the pricier side, I can't pick them all so it's going to be a tough one. Def choosing between the palettes or the flawless finish powder. Oh the struggle... -_-

  5. Thank you for the review! I've been waiting to see what you thought of each product before purchasing.

    Would you say the filmstar bronzer could be used for light contouring?


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