Kat Von D Studded Kiss Lipsticks in Coven and Hellbent Review, Photos

Kat Von D has released a revamped lineup of pigment-packed lipsticks, so I'll be sharing two of the thirty available colors today! The Studded Kiss packaging is functional yet memorable. The raised edges of the 'studs' prevent the lipsticks from rolling off vanity tables, and they also have a lightweight but distinctly textured feel that makes the bullet easy to recognize when blindly digging through a crammed makeup bag. Check out the review after the jump!

Hellbent is a cult classic from Kat Von D, a matte crimson red. I generally tend to wear bright blue-based reds, but I adore the deep wine tone of Hellbent. As gorgeous as the retro throwback vibe can be with matte finishes, they can be tough to wear if you have dry, sensitive lips. I found that Hellbent stays put, but it was much gentler on my lips than most mattes I have tried. I highly recommend it!

Coven is a matte lavender that is layers effortlessly for full impact color. Since I rarely wear pastels, I did not have high hopes for it, but I was genuinely impressed by the pigmentation! This, however, is a shade that I would reserve for cosplay and special occasions. Coven is such an interesting and unique color; it is all at once bold yet feminine!

Both Hellbent and Coven are chock full of pigment, but they still retain a creamy, easy to wear texture. No tugging or dragging across the lips. Since I have had such a positive experience with these two colors, I will be experimenting with other wearable and bright shades offered. Also worth noting is that these Studded Kiss lipsticks have a subtle crème brûlée scent, which was an unexpected girly touch. 

I've only dabbled with Kat Von D makeup here and there (see below), but I'm currently testing her famed liquid liner and new mascara, so please comment below with any other recommendations you may have! I will share how Hellbent looks on my complexion in a video very soon xo

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  1. Her liquid lipsticks are AMAZING. no transfer whatsoever (at least not with me :) )! Can't wait for future reviews over KVD

  2. Im glad you liked them! I have a bunch of em and they all are amazing and gorgeous.

  3. The packaging is just so awesome..

  4. What do you think about the shade Sexer? Is it anything as good as the shade you featured here?


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