Armani Si Eau de Parfum Review, Photos

As the year transitions into Fall, my choices in fragrances have also evolved. I've been loving the fruitchouli trend, namely with the Armani Si Eau de Parfum. I generally gravitate toward the same scent profiles, but I love Si despite that it is a departure from what I tend to wear. Si is positively distinctive and memorable. More details after the jump!

Si's primary notes are Chypre, Blackcurrant Nectar, Airy Florals, and Musky Blond Wood. The packaging is simple yet exquisitely constructed, with pristine translucent glass and gilded horizontal accents. I especially adore the shapely black stone cap — reminiscent of obsidian. It is both secure and easy to grasp. 

I'm obsessed with anything blackcurrant. Just recall my love for Diptyque's Baies candle, and it will all come full circle. Now, I will admit that when I first sniffed this on a paper card at Macy's, I was appalled. I had so looked forward to trying it, but I could only pick up on the spice and musk notes. On my dry skin, however, Si transformed completely. That is why I reiterate again and again that just as with makeup, beauty products and fragrances must be tried on and worn (not just swatched on the back of a hand or sniffed from a piece of paper) before jumping to a verdict. 

Si is my first chypre scent, and it is much more feminine than I had expected. Now that I am 25 going on 26, I try to avoid sugary teenage scents. Si makes me feel sophisticated and sexy, making it the perfect Fall scent. I tend to wear it more often in the evenings because it actually lingers on my skin, which does not hold fragrances too well. The sillage of Si is moderate and the longevity is superior (4 hours with 1 spritz). Since it has a strong opening, I only spritz once behind my neck to reduce my fragrant trail.

On my skin, it opens up somewhat aggressively. The peach and blackcurrant notes are consistent but not overpowering whatsoever. I wish fruity notes lasted longer on me, but my skin simply cannot hold them. The level of spice from the cassis note is perfectly executed, right at the limit of what my weak yet sensitive nose can tolerate. The dry down is softer, with a vanilla presence to neutralize the spicy notes, but it does not have that dreaded "old lady" heaviness due to the versatility of blond wood.

Bottom Line: Armani Si is truly a graceful, modern, and unconventional scent!
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