YSL 'Babydoll' Kiss & Blush in Rouge Effrontee (05), Pink Hedoniste (08) and Moca Garconne (12) Reviews, Photos, Swatches

The new Babydoll Kiss and Blush ($40 USD) by Yves Saint Laurent recently launched at Nordstrom and Nordstrom.com, and I am so excited to share these multi-use beauties with you! Available in 12 delectable shades, they add a perfect flirtatious pop of color to your lips and cheeks. Check out the swatches after the jump!

The easy to blend, air-whipped mousse consistency has a soft matte finish and features an exclusive applicator for precise application. The buildable color does not bleed or feather, and it melts into the skin for supreme comfort. After testing these products for a couple weeks, I have officially deemed the YSL Kiss and Blush my favorite new soft matte formula. I absolutely love the color line-up and texture of the formula, and it is one of the very few products that feel comfortable on both the cheeks and lips. 

The packaging is reminiscent of nail polish due to the small square glass bottle and long cylindrical cap. The firm velveteen sponge-tip applicator resembles the Glossy Stain's, though the Kiss & Blush's has a tear drop shape as opposed to a flat and pointy spatula shape. I love how the applicator glides evenly across the lips, distributing color evenly. Instead of using the applicator directly on the cheeks, I apply the color to a brush and dab it on the skin, blending with upward strokes. The pigmentation is so intense that the brighter shades, like the fuchsias and reds, will provide entirely opaque color coverage and stain the skin. 

I was apprehensive that the soft matte formula may be too drying for my sensitive lips, but it wears so beautifully. It goes on like a creamy gel that gently hugs the lips and dries down to a satin finish. The only downside is that the product does not cling to the lips the way traditional matte lipsticks tend to do. The Babydoll Kiss & Blush may not the most moisturizing formula, but it is ultra silky and will not cause any drying or shrinking of the lips. Due to the high amount of silicone that fills in the lip lines, however, it will not dry down completely and will feel somewhat slippery for the first couple hours of wear. It took me a day to get adjusted and accustomed to the formula, but I am head over heels for the plush, velvet finish.

Now, I do recommend using the Kiss & Blush on freshly exfoliated skin because it can emphasize dry patches. The NARS Multiples are exponentially more drying and will cling to dry patches more in comparison, but a little Clarisonic action usually solves all application issues. And on another important note, some find the signature sweet mango scent so potent that they cannot use this product. I personally adore it and find that it dissipates after 15 minutes, but I have a weak nose. Sniff before you buy if you are very sensitive to fragrances! 

I ordered 5 Rouge Effrontee (a bright coral-red), and 8 Pink Hedoniste (a vibrant pink), and 12 Moca Garconne (an effortless nude). I wish I could choose a favorite, but they are all incredibly lovely and well pigmented. The Rouge Effrontee looks best when layered for full impact, and Pink Hedoniste is the most flattering, light-medium preppy pink on my warm, yellow-toned complexion. Moca Garconne is a neutral/cool camel color that works well as a natural cheek contour and as a sophisticated nude lip. 

I do apologize for the incomplete swatches. A couple of the testers, 3 Rose Libre and 6 Rouge Libertine, were missing so I was not able to include them in the photos. I love 1 Fuchsia Desinvolte and highly recommend it to those looking for a complexion booster! I contemplated ordering 9 Rose Epicurien instead of 8, but I am so glad I decided to brand out and try a warmer pink. 

Bottom Line: The YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush is the best multi-purpose blush and lip color I have ever encountered, and it is the the most comfortable soft matte formula on the market!

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  1. Wow, they look so gorgeous! Waiting for them to be launched in India!

  2. hi rae! you should swatch on your lips!! love your reviews!

    1. I'll wear them in videos soon.. I just had a chemical peel done, so my whole face is peeling! No pictures or face swatches for a few days!

  3. Can't wait for video update... Can u tell me if or how #5 rouge effrontee is similar to rouge volupte 12 coral incandescent? I Just Got #12 and I've been buying few more pink lipsticks such as chanel #136 melodies & ysl#57 pink rhapsody. I think I need to stop buying more so if u could tell me how similar they are to each other it would help me a lot^^

  4. Oooo #8 all the way!!! Love that color. Your swatches look so perfect! Awesome post babe.

  5. I love the Mocha Garconne one!

  6. So pretty! I am having a hard time choosing my fave but I think it's the Mocha Garconne. Agreed, it's unique! The scent of the lippies from YSL hasn't bugged me thus far, but I want to swatch these before buying. Thank you!

  7. is it the same scent that their new lip glosses have? (if yes, then i am pass...)

  8. Great review! Are they long wearing?
    ~Pauline @ NYX Philippines


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