Tom Ford Spring 2014 Nail Lacquers Review, Photos, Swatches

I am so excited to share Tom Ford's limited edition Spring 2014 Nail Lacquer collection with you! As I shared on Twitter, I first had to remove my lovely gel manicure to swatch these four shades (0.34 fl. oz. each), so it took longer than expected to compile all the photos for this feature. Thanks so much for your patience, and I hope you'll enjoy the swatches. Check out all individual shade break downs and comparisons after the jump!

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Tom Ford SUGAR DUNE (01) Nail Lacquer ($32 USD) is a light beige cream with a slightly cool, pink undertone. I found that it is best to be more generous and apply two medium-thick coats of this particular color for full coverage. Let it set completely so that it has time to level out, and then finish off the color with a super shiny top coat. I do not own a color even close to Sugar Dune for a comparison, but for reference, Chanel's Beige is sheerer, far more yellow and Tom Ford's Toasted Sugar is warmer, more camel. Sugar Dune is my new Holy Grail nude, a unique addition to my collection! I will be ordering a back-up since it is a conservative yet polished nude, ideal for any professional setting.

Tom Ford INCANDESCENT (02) Nail Lacquer ($32 USD) is a neutral metallic bronze. After seeing the press images, I was most excited for this shade, and it does not disappoint. Chanel's Delight has the same vibe, but it has slightly more chunky silver-metallic threads running through the warm bronze color. Both colors are ultra smooth on the nails, but Incandescent has more of a pink gleam in comparison. The base color of Guerlain's La Petite Robe Noire is closer to Incandescent's. I do think the pink shimmer in Incandescent make it a lovely Spring color, and yes, owning all three is totally justifiable. 

Tom Ford CORAL BEACH (03) Nail Lacquer ($32 USD) is a medium orange coral with a hint of translucency that gives this cream color a slightly juicy, jelly finish. I had the most reservations about this color because orange has a tendency to pull sallow on my light-medium skin. Coral Beach, however, has just enough pink to brighten up the yellow tones of my skin, which is much more flattering than true oranges or even red-oranges on my hands. Coral Beach is most similar to Chanel's Distraction, but Distraction has fuchsia shimmer and a slightly darker base. Coral Beach looks best with 3 thin coats, but 2 thick coats will do!

Tom Ford INDISCRETION (04) Nail Lacquer ($32 USD) is a vibrant, medium-dark fuchsia pink. It leans slightly cool, and the first coat was a bit patchy. Indiscretion, however, is the most richly pigmented of the four and layers beautifully with a second coat. In comparison, Guerlain's Champs-Élysées is darker, while Guerlain's A La Parisienne is too warm and more watermelon than fuchsia. I included a swatch of Givenchy's Fuchsia Irrésistible — which dries more matte than any other fuchsia in my collection — to highlight the brightness of Indiscretion. 

NOTE: I am wearing the Guerlain Protective Base Coat and Guerlain Gel Top Coat in all of the swatch photos, which I have found works best with Tom Ford's nail lacquers. This combination generally yields one to two weeks of glossy, flawless wear.

I am beyond pleased with all four, but I will wind down this review with my order of preference: 
Sugar Dune, Coral Beach, Indiscretion, Incandescent

These gorgeous, highly collectible shades are available at Bloomingdale's, Neiman Marcus, and Saks Fifth Ave.
I purchased mine from Nordstrom, but all four are backordered until 2/28/2014. They are flying off the shelves!

Bottom Line: Whether you a nail polish novice or diehard Tom Ford fan, do not hesitate to purchase the collection because it is full of high-performing, flattering shades! 


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  1. Awesome colors! I missed out on Distraction so Coral Beach would seem to fill the void!

  2. OMG!!! Sugar Dune is sooooo wonderful <3 I want it <3

  3. okay so as fellow beauty bloggers, we have to give you credit for this amazing post - this must have taken so long!! the swatches, the comparison, the packaging, the dupes, gah this post is a whole lotta work haha!

    lovely review, off to the TF counter we go!

  4. I've never really jumped on the Tom Ford train, but Incandescent is freaking stunning!


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