My Morning Routine -- Skin Care with Base Makeup

Today I will be sharing with you a spin on the Get Ready with Me in the Morning Tag video. I chose to keep it shorter than usual and highlight the skin care I have been using. Again, my skin has been experiencing hormonal swings, but the overall clarity of my skin has improved greatly! My cheeks are smoother and more even in color than they have ever been. My forehead and chin have been volatile spots for me, but at least I can positively say they have been very responsive and heal accordingly.

My night time skin care routine video will address more of the products I use to calm my skin, but my morning's skin care routine has positively added that "silky smooth" factor to my complexion that was lacking before. And yes, the Kenzo creams are super lightweight, so they help me maintain my normal T-Zone throughout the day.. highly recommended for those with oily skin or for those who prefer thinner (yet highly effective) moisturizers!

Products Used:
  • Givenchy Nail Lacquer in 02 Biege Mousseline
  • Butter London Tart as a Heart [glitter]
  • Chanel Easten Light [white creme]
  • James Perse
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  1. I just knew that Kenzo produces skin care as well ! Looks interesting :D

  2. Isnt the white Chanel polish Eastern Light?

  3. Hi Rae: Thanks so much for this video! I was curious about your new skin care routine so this was definitely insightful. Quick question, when you say to chill the Ice products before hand, does that mean I should keep these products in the fridge?

    1. Yes, I keep them in the fridge! Perfect for summer when you need that morning pick-me-up :)

  4. Hey Rae, do you recommend to use Kenzo whitening lotion and cream at night too?

  5. Hi Rae, Just wondering when you'll be doing a video for your evening routine? Thanks!


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