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There is something highly addicting about the high vinyl shine and comforting feel of the new Lâncome Gloss in Love. There are 18 luminous shades available, but today I will share with you my favorite five. Click to see swatches after the jump!

"Its secret: at the heart of a magnifying glass-effect crystalline base, the breakthrough association of two polymers -- one glossy, one flexible -- to form a supple, shiny three-dimensional network on lips' surface. Pigments and mother-of-pearl to shine through to their fullest potential, allowing for radiant color with this new generation, absolute-comfort and non-sticky texture, able to moisturize lips for 6 hours."

At $27 a pop, these innovatively packaged, fabulously formulated glosses are worth your consideration. The small rectangular button on the neck of the tube is the release mechanism for the wand. Click it, and the wand will pop right up. Say goodbye to the days of twisting glosses closed! And for those addicted to the sound of lipstick bullet clicks.. let me just say this crisp sound is one you have to hear for yourself. 

The Expert Applicator wand boasts a bi-faced sponge tip that features a curved side that applies just the right amount of gloss with one swipe. I personally love these nontraditional applicators, and the curved end just makes it that much easier to apply gloss on the go. You can also flip the applicator over and use the other side for more precision around the lip lines. I usually swipe across my lips first with the curved side and then line the top of my upper lip around the cupid's bow for more definition. This gives my upper lip a more feminine, plump appearance. 

The formula is comfortable, non-sticky, moisturizing, and wears beautifully. It also applies evenly like a liquid balm, which some pigmented gloss formulas have difficulty with. It feels very plush, not at all gritty considering the high shimmer, when worn. Most importantly, however, it does not cause any peeling! That is what I love most about Lâncome. I have the best luck with their lip products, so if you have sensitive lips, Lâncome is generally the best place to start. There is a subtle scent, warm vanilla with a hint of fruit, but it does fade quickly after application. Not only have studies demonstrated this formula can provide up to six hours of moisture, I have worn Flash N'Fushia through a meal with lots of water for a total of three hours. 

The swatches above were taken in cool indoor lighting on my tan arm. The palette of the 'In Love' Glosses is complete with radiantly pure and vibrant pinks, oranges, and fuchsias, so at least one of the eighteen should appeal to you. One of these, called Just Strass, is a shimmer topper but I find that it looks lovely on its own as well. I think it may due to my obsession with sparkle and shine. On the other hand, some of these Gloss in Love shades are pigmented enough that they will leave a pretty, smooth stain behind.

Now for face swatches with individual shade breakdowns!
FACE: Cle de Peau Brows, Hourglass Visionaire Dune Eyeshadow, MAC Royal Sunset Blush, Velour Lashes Oops Naughty Me. BLOUSE: DailyLook

-- 200 Just Strass: This ultra-iridescent flashy white can be worn alone for a bedazzled lip look. It can aslo be layered on as an undercoat or topper to transform any shade of lipstick. It reminds me of Chanel's Galatic (blue sparkle) and Aragonite (pink sparkle) Levres Scintillantes Glossimers. Just Strass, however, has the best of both, an explosion of pink-toned and blue shimmer. 
-- 146 Peach Show: This light pastel peach looks the most natural on me. The refined shimmer in Peach Show is peach, pink, and gold, which all blend in with the color of the base so it is not overly sparkly. It pairs well with Cle de Peau Extra Rich T9 lipstick. 

-- 312 Blink Pink: This is fairly similar to Peach Show against my coloring, but I actually prefer this nude pink-peach. The bold sparkle in Blink Pink is a mixture of peach/gold with silver/pink, and it is by far the most noticeable on the lips in real life. As stated above, however, the Gloss in Love formula is so plush that the gloss does not feel gritty at all. Lâncome calls this a medium pastel with golden shimmer, but I find the most noticeable glitter when worn is the silver/pink. 
-- 383 Violette Paillette: This is most like Just Strass due to the iridescent shimmer and is best for those with very fair skin and pale lips. It is a sparkling medium berry, so it enhances the mauve undertone of my lips. This is my least favorite of the four, but it looks lovely over any pink lipstick because it adds dimension. 

-- 391 Flash N' Fuchsia: At first glace, I thought this shade was shimmer-free. Upon closer examination,  however, the microshimmer becomes apparent. It is more like nanoshimmer because the particles are ultra fine, so the effect is smoothing as opposed to sparkling. This is one of the shades that starts with a plushy gel look but leaves a chic stain of color once the gloss fades away. I highly recommend this to everyone looking for a new splurge because this fuchsia is supremely flattering across all skin tones. It is the more pigmented version of Chanel's Eden Glossimer (no shimmer).

Pink Carat, Pink Posh and Ginger Star are next on my list because this creamy lip gloss formula is one of the best I have tried in recent years. It feels most like the Armani Gloss D'Armani formula without the tackiness, which I personally do not mind but has been 'hit or miss' with some of my readers. 

Bottom Line: If you love a comforting, high-gloss finish with mother of pearl sparkle, these new Lâncome Gloss in Love lip glosses may be your new Holy Grail!
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  1. LOL aw, all your different smiles! so cute! Blink Pink and Peach Snow are my favourite.


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