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I received a selection of the new Tom Ford Lip Shine Colors earlier this week, and they have quickly become some of my favorite sheer lipsticks in my arsenal. This new range of 10 shades is semi-sheer in color coverage -- perfect for regular use or swipe-and-go occasions -- and boasts a lovely hydrating formula that contains Tom Ford's now signature Brazilian murumuru butter as well as new ingredients such as soja seed extract. The bullet mimics the style and shape of the 'big sister' Private Blend Lipsticks. I adore the Lip Shine's sleeker look, as the bullets settle more easily into my pockets, but I miss photographing the TF stamp on the blade of each lipstick.

The Lip Shine Color formula glides on just as comfortably as the Private Blend formula. There is indeed a higher shimmer content in the new shades, and they only last about 3 hours on my lips as opposed to the 6 hour wear I see with the majority of my Private Blend lipsticks. The Lip Shines, however, are the ideal lip product for those who eat or drink regularly and do not mind reapplying lip color. CLICK TO SEE SWATCHES!

Above is the selection of 5 Lip Shine Colors that I will be sharing with you today. Now that you have seen the line-up, let us get started with the individual shade descriptions.

Willful, the orange-based red hue, contains the least shimmer of the five. It is most beautiful when worn as a stain in my experience, as it provides a naturally flushed pout when dabbed on. The stain lasted me a good 3 hours with eating and when worn to its full potential with three swipes, Willful looks like a full coverage lipstick. This is the most wearable red I have encountered in years and highly recommend it. The more pigmented version of this would be Shu Uemura's Rouge Unlimited Supreme Shine in rd165, but Willful is a low maintenance red. Who can resist an easy red?

Insidious, the apricot pink, was naturally the first one I reached for. This suits my complexion best on days when I am not wearing any makeup, a very subtle touch of color and shimmer to complement my warm skin. It looks very bright in the tube, but it does not translate that way on the lips, which is reasonable considering this formula is intended to be semi-sheer in color. It is rather similar to Guerlain's Rouge Automatique in Mitsouko, but Insidious is far more hydrating and less glittery. This shade of the five looks the most natural on me.

Frolic, a pink with a hint of peach, is actually my favorite of the bunch! Frolic is to the right above. I had not expected to like this more than Insidious, but Frolic flatters any makeup look I pair it with. I like to wear this with Laura Mercier's Lip Glace in Bellini to give my lips some more volume, but Frolic looks beautiful alone. You can see it in action in my latest video HERE. It brightens up my complexion, and while it looks more pink on most people, it looks more like a peach with just a hint of pink on me. I adore it!

Bare, a nude beige, reminds me very much of Vanilla Suede from Tom Ford's original line-up of Private Blend lipsticks. Vanilla Suede has since been discontinued, which is unfortunate because it was one of my favorites, but Bare is the closest alternative I have since encountered! Bare contains a hint more beige in the base, so it will look more flattering on a wider range of skin tones. This sexy nude also has a golden frost, so it pairs best with a smoky eye, as worn by the model in the launch literature.

Quiver, a light blue-based pink, is surprisingly wearable against my very warm complexion. Most blue-based pinks tend to contrast harshly against the yellow in my skin, but Quiver is just neutral enough to be worn daily. It highlights the pink in my lips and tones down the mauve, very well done. If you missed the opportunity to purchase my favorite Guerlain Rouge G in Rose Piquant (no longer available), then Quiver is the more shimmery version that you can try! 

Now for some final notes regarding the formula. Many have been comparing the Lip Shine Colors to Chanel's Rouge Coco Shine lipsticks. The Rouge Coco Shine formula may feel lightweight with initial contact on the lips, but I find the extra slick finish of most shades uncomfortable. The addition of the shimmer content in most of the RCS shades causes my lips to peel, so I only ever reach for my Chance, a light pink from the range that does work for me. Chance has almost no shimmer and feels more like a balm than a lipstick. The Tom Ford Lip Shine Colors work overtime to calm my peeling lips, despite their shimmer content, and the formula does not accentuate lip lines. I have already read complaints that the Lip Shine formula is too heavy or waxy, but I do not find that at all. I cannot wear some Dior Addict lipsticks because of the high wax content, so that should help you gage the density of the new Lip Shine Color formula.

Available now at Neiman Marcus, Bergdorf Goodman, and Saks Fifth Avenue Tom Ford counters for $48 each.

Bottom Line: It is undying love, as I have come to expect from Tom Ford.
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  1. oh my god. drooling! i still don't have anything from Tom Ford. It's on my wish list.

  2. beautiful photos rae .. quiver is to die for!~!~!~ makes me want to break my self imposed no-more-pink-lipstick ban >_< thanks for sharing x

  3. Insidious is definitely my color! Great review Rae :)

  4. I bought Cognac Sable quad more than a month ago, mostly because of your high recommendation and then checking it out and loving as well, but I want SO MUCH of the things he does!

    I got a RGS from Chanel, no.48, Evasion when I got the Tom Ford quad and I saw the peeling situation on my lips too. Though it was not so intense, it would have not do that, as for the price and brand.

    I was waiting so long for this! Thank you Rae! xx

  5. gosh these colors are all so beautiful... can't even pick a favorite one >.<

  6. o my gosh, i've been anxiously waiting for this post! thank you for the detail review. i'm totally obsessed with the TF PB, so these and can't wait to order some of these lip shines. if my favorite beauty guru (that's right, you) endorse it, then it's good enough for me to start collecting!


  7. This pictures are gorgeous! It's so many lipsticks. Did you have a hard time keeping them all apart? I've never really splurged on a lipstick, but it seems like there are some good ones out there. I'll just have to save my pennies, and maybe one day I'll pick up a tube. Thanks for the review.

  8. beautiful pictures. I like the shade 'frolic.' & I can't get over how nice your countertop looks!

  9. I have three of these and know I'll be reaching for them constantly as warm weather sets in. Not a gloss, not a slick shine like Chanel's or YSL's, but rather a sheer version of TF's regular lipstick, these offer buildable color with a soft sheen finish.

  10. How gorgeous are those lippies. I love the packaging. Definitely gotta check these out. Thanks for the review xo

  11. Oh my Tom Ford has some of the most chic packaging ever, I'm loving the colors as well. So gotta try them, unfortunatly we dont have TF where I live, but will be traveling to Hong Kong soon, hope I don't get too crazy with my purchases~~

  12. The packaging is gorgeous! I like the apricot color the most, it's amazing!


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