Burberry Lip Glow Natural Lip Glosses Review, Photos, Swatches -- Tea Rose, Mallow Pink, Cameo Pink, Cameo, Nude Beige

The Burberry Lip Glow Lip Gloss is one of the best designer lip products on the market. The lightweight yet relatively longer lasting formula hugs my lips, and it reflects light to create the illusion of fuller lips. None of the 5 shades that I own, all purchased from Nordstrom, accentuate or bleed into lip lines. 

I actually prefer glosses with a hint of color, but for those that do not, keep in mind these shades can be built up with two applications for medium to full color coverage! I do not find the Lip Glow formula to be as hydrating as my Chanel Glossimers or Gloss Fluos, but they both are more gel than creme-based. They do not thicken on the lips the way the new long-lasting lip glosses tend to, making these Lip Glows comfortable to wear and easy to apply. You will, however, have to reapply every three or four hours.

Shade Breakdowns -

Tea Rose No. 9: This neutral pink is a safe bet that could likely be your next go-to gloss. It is not particularly interesting since it is such a basic color, but it can lean more warm or more cool depending upon the lipstick you apply underneath the gloss. I tend to wear this with Armani's Rouge D'Armani Sheer Lipstick in P505, which is a cooler pink. Tea Rose has the least noticeable shimmer of the bunch.

Cameo Pink No. 7: This is the first Burberry Lip Glow that I purchased. The most metallic/frosty in finish, this super sheer and shiny gloss is a lovely translucent shade of watermelon pink. Check out the full review with my individual swatches of Cameo Pink HERE.  

Cameo No. 8: This peachy orange may be my least favorite, just because it manages to transform into a muddy orange on my bare lips. It shows a little brighter and more orange than is true to color in my swatch photos than how it looks on my lips, but it is most positively darker than a true peach shade. One application appears peach, and two applications will result in the peachy orange shade you see in the swatch photos. Hence, I prefer to wear this over a full coverage nude lipstick to highlight the peach tones.

Nude Beige No. 8: This is touted as a perfect nude by many Burberry lovers. I must say I agree because it does not wash out my complexion, but it is also not so beige that it makes my skin look sallow. This nude does lean slightly pink, which I actually prefer because it tones down the mauve in my natural lip color. This produces a true nude lip look, even without lipstick on top! I love that the slightly more noticeable microshimmer in this particular shade gives me the appearance of a plumper upper lip.

Mallow Pink No. 19: This bright, semi-opaque Spring '13 gloss reminds me of a full pigment Laser Gloss Fluo by Chanel, one of my all-time favorite glosses but long since discontinued.  Mallow Pink is not quite as dense and packs more color, so it is a great daily wear gloss if you prefer a brighter lip. The more popular gloss from this Spring collection, Pink Snow Pea, is the cooler version of Mallow Pink. Pink Snow Pea is a vibrant fuchsia that contains blue and pink shimmers, a bit too 80s for my yellow-toned complexion. I passed because I found Mallow Pink suited my complexion better, very subtle shimmer. You can see it in action on my lips in the video below! *Apply Mallow Pink and Pink Snow Pea using a mirror unless you want to be seen with uneven lip color*

Bottom Line: For $27 apiece, the Burberry Lip Glosses may be a splurge but they are worth the indulgence!
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  1. Mallow Pink is such a pretty shade! Nude Beige also seems very pretty and soft. I really want to try the Burberry line but it's so hard to find where I live!

  2. Mallow Pink is my firt Burberry Gloss, I absolutley love it! Beautiful colour, tastes great and covers my lips very well, much beter than most of my Chanel glossimers. Thinking about purchursing cameo pink or tea rose or nude beige which would you advise have to order online so cannot test them do like glosses to show up on my lips?

  3. yay for not creasing into lip lines! gosh I love lip products.


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