YSL Volume Effet Faux Cils 'Shocking' Mascara Review, Swatches, Photos

My daily cosmetic staple is mascara. Even if I don't wear any other make-up that day, sometimes I'll curl my lashes and throw on a coat for a polished, wide-eyed effect. My Holy Grail mascara is Lancome Hypnose Drama Waterproof but I've been experimenting with new mascaras recently because many of my YouTube subscribers have been requesting recommendations for a non-waterproof mascara that performs as well as my HDWP. I figured YSL's newest mascara release, Shocking Faux Cils, would be a great candidate so I rushed out to pick it up as soon as it hit my local YSL counter.

I've always loved the YSL Faux Cils mascara line-up. The original is my favorite non-waterproof mascara and the Noir Radical Faux Cils adds even more volume without clumping but unfortunately, it smudges something major. The Shocking Faux Cils does not smudge but the formula is a fail, at least for my lashes, and you'll see why soon.

The brush has the standard FC head w/ultra soft bristles.

My lashes are thin but long. They curl easily but are very resistant to staying curled. Shocking is a wet mascara, heavier by nature, so it drags down the curl of my lashes. I expected that as soon as I pulled the wand out of the tube but what I did not expect were the clumps during application of the second coat [4 full brushstrokes]. I can apply at least 2 coasts of the original Faux Cils and at least 3 coats of the Noir Radical FC without encountering a single clump! What Shocking does well, however, is lengthen my lashes. And like the Noir Radical, Shocking is lovely in that it is a true black that does not fade after drying.

The problem is that I expect a $30 mascara to look ultra black, hold my lash curl, and add length and volume. The Armani ETK WP does that. My HG Lancome HDWP does it even better for $25!

One Coat

Two Coats [Clump City!]

Full Look

So is Shocking worth the high price tag? No. Stick to the original Faux Cils if you are interested in purchasing a YSL mascara! All Shocking did was shock my wallet, considering the poor performance, so I exchanged it for a Chanel Holiday glossimer :)


  1. Rae, I'm surprised at how clumpy it is, especially for the price and how well mascaras are doing these day! I haven't tried the original version, but have always thought about it, might pick it up, or the Lancome Hypnose WP.

  2. Great review! I won't be tempted to pick it up now. :)

    I love the original faux cils, but I wish it didn't dry out so fast!

  3. I love the colored lenses you're wearing in these pictures! What are they called?

  4. Thank goodness I didn't purchase the shocking yet! I was debating between the shocking and the original faux cils and your review really helped me make my decision :). If you purchase more of the chanel holiday items, can you make a video preferably before everything sells out? Thank you Rae, your reviews are consistently wonderful. <3

  5. Totally agree with you! I prefer Lancome L'Extreme and L'Oreal Million Lashes!

  6. Shock my wallet, haha!

    I was interested in the shocking line even though faux cils is not my favorite, I prefer the singular version so much more so thanks for the review and saving me the $30.

    Btw picked up the lance visionaries yesterday and I am so excited to try it. La mer sunscreen is on my list too. Haave you tried the chantecaille gel foundation yet? I've hear good things and would love to know what you think? Thanks!


  7. Holy clumpiness! What a disappointment. :(

  8. I exchanged mine too! I didn't have the clumps as much as it flaked off my lashes onto my undereye. Back to the store it went :(

  9. When I bought from this range, I noticed that the opening where the brush passes through when one takes it out to apply the mascara, has been widened so that too much mascara is left on the brush, making application awkward. I still had my old faux cils and I can clearly see and feel the difference. Have always been a YSL eye make-up fan but I am re-thinking.


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