Tarte, Robbi & Nikki, and Alterna Haul Details

Here's my latest haul! It's definitely more modest than usual but that's because I'm saving up for all the special, limited edition holiday make-up pieces! I hope you still enjoy it, though, since a lot of you asked me for clothing hauls and this is about as close as it gets.

Tarte Cheek Stain in TEN
It's my first cheek stain so I'll really excited to try it. This is a shimmering bright pink so I'm sure I'll love it! Let me know what your favorite shades are so I can give them a whirl!
I LOVE Robbi and Nikki Clothing! Especially if it's on Sale from Haute Look. They were totally worth the money and I'm wear the first tank shown below right now. It's ultra soft and incredibly comfortable!
Here are the individual piece names and information in case you wanted to try tracking them down :)

Alterna Shine Bamboo Shine Duo
*Make sure you take advantage of the 20% coupon! You'll see it on the right :)
http://www.skinstore.com/p-16877-alterna-bamboo-shine-duo.aspx [Not an affiliated link!]

Make-up Worn:
Chanel Holiday 2011 Tutorial Sneak Peek ;)

Butter London HRH


Geo Tri-Color Grey from Pinky Paradise
*Use the code -- RAEVIEWONLINE --
for a free animal lens case & mystery gifts :)
-- I don't make ANY commission off the code!

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  1. Hey Rae!

    Judging by your high-end makeup reviews and tutorials, I was always under the impression that you were such a wealthy, financially-comfortable livin' kinda gal which kinda shied me away because I could only *lust* for the products you mention and not purchase them. Though, after seeing this haul of yours and having you mention that you're somewhat thrifty about making clothing purchases, I feel a lot more "comfortable" perse with you. Le sigh. I hope that made sense.
    In short, you rock. =]



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