My Sephora Friends and Family Sale Picks - Pictures and Thoughts

If you haven't redeemed your e-mail address in exchange for a Sephora F&F 20% discount code, here you go: http://goo.gl/ZVi0e

I promised I would announce it but take your time if you don't need anything right away. The sale doesn't end until November 2, I believe. Keep in mind, though, the online coupon code you will receive can only be used ONCE! Sephora has changed the rules and regulations so read the fine print carefully before you finalize your order. I actually prefer that it's a one-time use coupon because it prevents me from buying excessively. Thank you for prohibiting any irrational, potentially unnecessary expenditures, Sephora :)

A lot of you asked me what I was going to purchase so I'll share my picks here. I already made my order so here goes! *All photos courtesy of Sephora.com

TEMPTU Base Smooth and Matte Primer, $35
This primer piqued my interest when I saw it had pretty outstanding reviews on Sephora. I was looking for a matte primer to use for photography, one without SPF, so this fit the bill. I'll let you know how well it does or does not cooperate with my skin and camera flash!

NARS Danmari All About Cheeks Palette, $65
This limited edition, $107 value palette was too tempting. I'm not even a dedicated NARS fan but I know a good deal when I see one. I own the Orgasm blush and the Hungry Heart higlighting duo but I haven't tried any of the other shades so it will be nice and easy for me to review the other shades without breaking the bank. And after reviewing, it will go straight into my kit! I may purchase the full sized compact of Desire, the cotton candy pink, if I like the way it looks against my coloring.
This is a limited edition powder box, the kind Benefit produces every holiday but this one has CORALista, Hoola, and Bella Bamba - the one Benefit boxed blush I have not yet tried. Hoola is a great matte bronzer for most skin tones and it doesn't flash back so it's great for my clients who have to work the stage! CORALista is nice.. I lost my full sized product a while back so it will be nice to see it in my stash again.

Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Black, $20
I already bought one of these for my twin sister to try and she really loves it so I picked one up for myself to test. I'm going to write up a comparison post for this product because the new YSL Shocking felt tip liner looks very similar.. The Stila is so much cheaper and the formula is waterproof, though, so I think we may have a winner!

I know it's a small haul but these products are mostly Sephora exclusives that I would not be able to find in department stores! I actually wanted more, like Escada perfume and a couple Illamasqua products but I know I don't need them right away so I figured this little haul would be more than enough to satisfy my bargain hunter cravings. I purchased the blush palettes to save some room in my kit for when I travel to work on my pageant girls. I still work as a freelance make-up artist, by referral only and special consideration only when I have spare time away from school and YouTube, and I'll be working with several girls next month so I wanted to avoid having to pack tons of individual blush products.

Feel free to share your hauls with me! I'm curious to see what you have purchased, too.. I recommend lots and lots of Illamasqua, Make Up Forever, Hourglass, Tarte, etc. My best advice to you is purchase what you can't find elsewhere! There are always promotions and Gifts With Purchases at department stores that make up for the lack of a discount. Hence, why I purchased a primer by Temptu - you can only find it at Sephora! Have fun but remain smart and savvy when it comes to your purchases <3


  1. YAY for you purchasing the Stila eyeliner! I remember recommending it in one of your videos and you responded that you'll buy it for your sister and you actually did lol I hope you get to try it soon! The Stila has such great pigmentation. The only downside of it is that its not a brush but the sponge works great in this case! :)

  2. Hi Rae! Thanks for posting the Sephora F&F code. Yay! now I have an excuse to buy stuff. =)


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