Philosophy Senorita Margarita Bath and Shower Gel Review, Photo

I have used Dove bath soap bars my entire life and could never work up the courage to shell out the money for these colorful babies but the name of this delectable bath and shower gel makes me giggle and crave a drink.. Who's with me?!

The retail price is $16 but I purchased it with my Ulta 20% discount coupon that I received in the mail so it was well worth it! I usually give these shower gels as gifts because I know most girls love bath luxuries but I couldn't justify buying them for myself. But the more I try Philosophy shower gels, the more I become addicted to them! I've tried my friends' Be Somebody in Water Lily [floral] and Birthday Cake [sweet], which are both lovely, but I like the invigorating, sassy citrus scent of Senorita Margarita best.

The formula, when used as a shower gel, lathers well and you will see plenty of foam if you use a loofa as I do. My dry skin feels clean and comfortable, not stripped, after using any Philosophy shower gel. The scent lingers on my skin for the time I'm in the shower but not much longer than that. If you don't like the smell of citrus or lime, however, it'd be best to avoid this particular scent because it is not for the faint of heart.

I only use Senorita Margarita as a shower gel and have yet to try it as a bubble bath. I don't recommend you use any Philosophy shower gel as shampoo unless you're in a pinch and have nothing else to clean your hair with. They are touted as multi-tasking formulas but they generally don't lather nearly as well in the hair and unfortunately, I always see drying out my normal hair when I use these as shampoo.

Bottom Line: Repurchase!


  1. LOL at the name!!! hahaha <3

    I've only tried using philosophy bath and shower gel for bubble bath once a long long time ago and I remember I didn't like it simply because it was such a waste of product X_X I used so much and still didn't get a lot of bubbles T_T

  2. Oh and Happy Halloween Rae =D I'm curious what you're dressing up as if you're dressing up at all ^_^ you should make a video or blog a post about it if you have time =D <3

  3. Margarita is my favorite Philosophy Body Wash and it's hard to try a new one! Boutique Bag Lady


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