Lancôme Fall 2010 GIVEAWAY WINNER!!

Thank you for all your lovely entries =)
I really did enjoy reading them and was surprised to discover so many of you had reservations about certain styles of make-up that I don't think twice about!

BabyMe22 - Please leave me a comment within the next 72 hours! I need your mailing address =^.^=
*If you don't contact me within 72 hours, I will have to send out the product to another winner.

P.S. My next giveaway will be held mid-January, for my 1st year anniversary! The prizes [yes, plural] will be AMAZING :)


  1. I miss your videos so much! I hope you had an amazing Holiday with your family and a Fantastic New Year!


  3. Hi!!

    Please make more videos we all have missed you!

  4. i have to agree with Eve...miss your videos. and congrats to the winner~!!!

    Happy New Year ^^

  5. HELLO!
    i am babyme22! where can i send you my mailing address?? AH THANK YOU! LOVEU!!

  6. Michelle BabyMe22 :: Please e-mail me your mailing address at RAEview.inquire@gmail.com!

    Belleism, Anon, Michelle, and Eve - Thank you very much for the support! I will start posting videos again soon :)

  7. Hey Rae
    thanks for your videos... love it

  8. Looking forward to the next giveaway =) Can it please be open internationally this time?

  9. Happy New Year, Rachel! Here's to a new year of blogging, fashion, and makeup!

  10. Rae, have you tried Lancôme's L’Absolu Rouge Lipsticks? They are amazing and the texture feels so smooth and moisturizing (just like applying a lip balm). My lips tend to peel a lot of certain lip colors, and the L’Absolu Rouge just does wonders. I recommend the L’Absolu Rouge lip color in Fleur Impressioniste. It's a natural rosy pink and it's one of their most popular colors. I've been wearing it almost every day!

  11. Dear Rae,
    I have found your Youtube Channel (and blog) just a few days ago when I was trying to get some feedback about the new Coco Rouge collection. Thank you so much, I'm buying Mademoiselle tomorrow and I'm super excited about it. I'm 16 yo, so it is basically my first cosmetic designer relic and, although I don't wear much makeup on a daily schedule, I have high expectations on such an amazing lipstick. However, I'd like to be more aware of this whole makeup world and I'd be eternally appreciate if you could give some tips on some stuff. I'm quite pale and I've got a few freckles (not much, though) which I adore; despite being a teenager, luckily I have flawless skin (just compared to most teenagers I know and see - obviously my skin is definitely not flawless at all - oh, how I wish!) - my mother is a doctor so I have all the right products which prevent all kinds of acne. Unfortunately, I don't have anyone around to advise me on makeup subjects so this is why I am here. I'll try to be quick:
    1. Having in consideration that typical teenager's skin has oily propensies and that I'm quite pale, which foundation would you advise me to use? I've considered the Mat Lumière from Chanel when watching your review about the Pro Lumière and the Mat Lumière but I don't know..and how does the number sistem work so that I can find the right colour that matches my skin? (I have never bought a foundation, sorry for all the basic questions).

    Another thing, I have been reading your blog back and foward and I loved your Elettra and Daria Tutorial! You were breathtakingly beautiful: I love your eyes and your lips look absolutely stunning in your Elletra's look!
    2. I saw that you used a pencil in taupe to perfect your eyebrows and it is absolutely magical. I have thick and dark eyebrows (not much, but nothing like yours, mostly because I'm terrified of the idea of someone screwing them up that I just don't have the guts of doing something with them) so I was wondering what kind of pencil you think would be the best for me.

    Thank you so much, your reviews are extremely helpful and I have to congratulate you. You don't sound pretensious at all which can be something people tend to sound like in makeup videos, even if they don't want to. You have an extraordinary ability to keep your professionalism whilst connecting to your public, indeed a remarkable feature of your personality.

    Love from Portugal.

    P.S.: I apologize for my eventual English mistakes, I'm still in the learning process but I hope I could express myself at least reasonably. Have a nice night (or day, if the sun is way up high in that part of the planet).

  12. I miss your videos(tutorials especially)! :[

  13. Hello Rae :D
    I was trying to buy Chanel Pressed Powder but can't remember the name of the one you use.
    Please reply me back I really want to get a new pressed powder lol :D thanks~~ love your videos <3333

  14. I don't know if my other post went through but I forgot to ask you if you can suggest any other pressed powder for me lol
    Thank you :D


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