Change of Heart: Chanel Tentation Cuivree

In my most recent post, I stated that the Chanel Tentation Cuivree Quad [Holiday 2010] is not a good purchase because of the excess glitter fall-out and lack of pigmentation. That statement still holds true, but only when based upon one conditional: when the shadows are used dry.

I have been experimenting with the quad non-stop for a week and I had been consistently using the product dry. Today, I finally threw in the towel and used the shadows wet. Why? The fall-out. Standard powder fall-out is tolerable but the glitter was seriously irritating my eyes!

At first, I was apprehensive because I had never used my shadows wet before. Most of my products perform incredibly well as they are so I never had to! But I was determined to make this work so I said, "To hell with it!" and risked the lifespan of the quad.

There is NO FALL-OUT when the shadows are used WET!!
I simply sprayed each brush with water before picking up shadow. The color was easy to blend and much more pigmented!

I retract my statements in the previous post. The burgundy brown is absolutely DIVINE and can be used as a shadow or liner. Purchase this! <3

RAEview's Re-Rating: A-


  1. can you please post some photos of swatches? thanks!

  2. I'm really glad to hear this! I was so disappointed when I purchased this quad and couldn't return it to Neimans after finding out firsthand how glittery some of the colors were. I'll be sure to try it wet in the future.

  3. Then this one should be a worth buy! Thanks Rae!

  4. Ive never used eyeshadow with a wet brush. I must try next time =) thanks


  5. Hi Rae, I miss your videos! Please post more tutorial/hauls soon! :)

  6. Rae! When is your next blog sale???

  7. aw, I noticed some of your pics have over exceeded the bandwidth on Photobucket! Maybe try using google's picasa storage? or flickr?

  8. Hi rae, thanks for the review, i never used eyeshadows wet before too, i wonder if u use it wet, does that destroy the pan and u can never use it dry ever again? and do you need to leave it open to air dry after using it wet?

    thank you so much!

    btw havent seen your new videos in a while! hope u had a wonderful holiday and looking forward to your new vids!

  9. Hi Rae!!!

    What are your top 3 foundations?


  10. can you do a review of the lancome teint miracle foundation??

    Thanks Rae!

  11. Anon - You can only use certain shadows wet or it will indeed destroy the powder. Most high-end shadows can be used wet but if you really want to make sure, only use a patch of the pan and use the other side of the shadow dry :) I usually don't have to wait for the shadow to dry because I use the water sparingly!

    Arene - My top 3 foundations [at the moment] have to be Dior Forever, Lancome Teint Miracle, and MUFE Mat Velvet!

    Anon - I will try to review it asap!

  12. Hi rae! thanks for answering my dry shadow question! I see that u went to a snowboarding trip! hope you had fun (I suck at snowboarding and always fall on my butt :D ). When you have time, would you do a tutorial on the new chanel spring 2011 5-color eye shadow palette? (I assume that you already bought it or will buy it soon cuz you love chanel and that palette is indeed builtiful!!)

    Thank you so much


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