Dollywink Lashes :: Japanese Gyaru Eyes


Dollywink lashes are overpriced but the verdict is out: I LOVE THEM!

They are comfortable and lightweight. The band is sturdy but not heavy, which is my primary gripe with some Darkness lashes. [Darkness lashes, by the way, are Korean "drugstore" lashes and they can be purchased at most Korean beauty shops.]

I picked up my Dollywink lashes at Mitsuwa, a popular Japanese grocer here in Southern California, for $19, including tax. They did not have every single pair available so I chose #2, which has three sections to each lash. This compartmentalizing of the lash provides a very natural lash look! They are quite long, as they are meant to be worn past where your eyelid naturally ends. I chose to chop off one pair to my usual length and kept the other pair long to use for days when I want to sport the Japanese Gyaru look [see Dollwink packaging photos].

I will post an eyelash application video tutorial for this Japanese Gyaru look soon but keep in mind that you can wear just the Dollywink lashes on your upper lashlines! I have adorned them on several occasions already and I love the way they look compared to MAC, Ardell, and Illamasqua lashes. My favorites lashes, for those curious: Ardell Wispies, Darkness VX, and select Shu Uemura pairs - but the latter are ridiculously expensive.

And some may find it difficult to justify spending almost $10 on each pair of lashes but MAC lashes are about $15, including tax, for ONE pair. And quite frankly, MAC lashes aren't worth the money and I am speaking from experience! I'd rather purchase MUFE lashes at that price point :)

Note: I also purchased PA bottom lashes, as they were $3 with tax, to complete the Gyaru look. I might purchase the Dollywink bottom lashes next time around but I wasn't sure how much I would like them so I opted for the more affordable pair first.



  1. Have you ever tried Illamasqua lashes Rae? you should given them ago I really love them, they come in so many styles xxx

  2. Ooo I been dying to try those dolly wink lashes.. esp for the Lower lash ones.. I think they are super cute. I wanna see you with them on :)

  3. Simone - I touched on Illamasqua in the post :) I do like them but I don't love them, as they are even heavier than Darkness lashes!

    Thank you, liquored and Julie!

  4. Cool I didn't even kno they sold lashes at mitsuwa.. I always go straight to their food court lol

  5. pictures pictures I want to see them on you =DD

  6. I heard the #3 lashes are pretty awesome too!
    I'm so glad you did a post about it!

  7. i also like dolly wink lashes. :3 please post a picture with the lashes on. i'm sure you'll look super pretty

  8. have you tried shu umera lashes? if you have can you do a review and also have you tried Dior Crystal Nude? i want to purchase it! :) love you!

  9. OooOooo ive always wanted to try them! and Yes! they are overpriced. and i guess thats what stopping me from purchasing them =(
    I use korean brand lashes that i buy thru a korean website and I get 10prs for just over $15USD.
    I think i will purchase them when i go to hk next yr =)


  10. I LOVE Tsubasa's falsies collection! Super comfortable, wearable and durable. So I guess you get what you paid for. If your still debating whether to get the bottom lashes or not I have them in #6 #7 the #6 are quite wearable but I find that the #7 are quite long >.<

  11. Prettyandcute.com has them for $16

  12. hey Rae, you should try out Koji's Spring Heart false lashes! I love them so much. They're very natural looking, super comfortable, and much cheaper than their Dollywink line. You should be able to find them in Mitsuwa too, but just in case, I found some links from amazon.




  13. Hey Rae, rather than deal with a full set, sometimes, I just add a few extras clusters and points where they're needed:


    She makes THE BEST individuals - they come in 2 lengths: natural and glamorous.


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