OPI's Just Tea-Sing is a sure teaser

I love nude varnishes but it's rather difficult trying to find one that works for my nails. I have a tiny nail bed and long fingernails. The problem is that I hate seeing the white nails underneath the varnish. That's a problem I ran into with Just Tea-Sing. It's a beautiful milky, creamy nude with very fine shimmers but it took me FOUR medium-density coats to make the nail bed area look as even as possible with the whites of my fingernail tips.
Otherwise, it's a beautiful color - one of my favorite nudes, actually - and I prefer to wear this when I feel like having natural and subtle color on my nails. It's quite sophisticated but still has that slight bling factor because of the shimmers. I love OPI varnish and am overjoyed that most of their varnishes now come with the larger professional brush. I'm still a novice painter so the wider brushes are easier for me to use.
Just-Teasing is one of the easiest nude varnishes that I've worked with. It dries well, not too fast or not too slowly, and it isn't very streaky. The downside is that you have to be patient and add each layer of polish carefully but if you're in the market for a pretty nude shade, check this out!
Also, there was a nude polish by OPI that was similar to Just Tea-Sing but it did not have any shimmers. If any of you might have an idea of which polish I'm referring to, please let me know! The name escapes me and I'm desperate to find that shade =(

I'll be reviewing the two Chanel varnishes that will be shown in my July Haul next ^^


  1. Oh dear, I don't know if I will have the patience for 4 coats... thank goodness for seche vite!

    Two chanel polishes, how exciting, could one of them be paradoxal?


  2. We have similiar skin tone and my favorite OPI nude is samoan sand. It's the perfect nude!

  3. love the color on you! too bad it takes so many coats.

  4. My favorite nail polish at the moment is NARS' "Versaille." It's described as a "champagne gold." You like gold, right? And it's subtle, but so elegant. Perfectly named!

  5. This OPI shade looks nice but I'm not sure if I'll be into the shimmers. Thanks for the review Rachel!

  6. That shade looks more like a milky nude...the nude OPI shade I own is "Fiji Weejee Fawn," but it's more champagne/golden and a true nude. Not sure if that's the one you're thinking of :-)

  7. that's a gorgeous shade :)
    4coats... wow... I will be so impatient and then end up with bubbles on my nails @.@
    time to watch your video now ~wheee.....

  8. you might wanna try barefoot in barcelona by OPI. it is sort of a nude neutral color too, and very flattering.

  9. This is off topic but I wanted to tell u that I got YSL's Ultra Violet today and I LOVE it!! Thanks Rae!

  10. Hi Rae,

    Just so you know, I actually linked this blog post in my Youtube review of it.



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