July Favorites Product List

I am wearing, in the video:

Dior Forever Foundation in 021
Shiseido Powder Foundation in SP30
Anastasia Brow Wiz in Medium Ash
Lancome Artliner in black
Burberry Sheer Eyeshadow in Almond [Burberry review coming soon.. but let's just say that I'm IN LOVE!]
Shiseido Lasting Lift Mascara
Maybelline Define-A-Lash Curl + Length Waterproof Mascara
MAC Stereo Rose on cheeks
MAC Snob on lips [Thank you, Holly! Your presents will be included in my next haul video hehe]

I hope you enjoyed the video! More videos to come soon =)



  1. woah you have the same blog layout as cathy! for a second i thought i went on her page instead of yours x) had to re-check the url

  2. Hehe! I know you're in love with your Burberry stuff! keke

    You look gorgeous in this! Wear more blue! You look so so good in it!

  3. hmmm you are the 2nd blogger I follow who has loved Mac Snob this month. Methinks I must pick it up!

  4. Steph - You caught me :'( But then again.. DO YOU?! hahahah But really, I don't sleep too much these days. I love to get 8+ hours but that only happens once every two months or so! Sad life I live, eh? LOL
    Jennifer - Yes, Cathy let me steal her blog layout. She's so sweet! Once I find a better one to post my photos with, I'm going to change it ^^
    Cookie - Do I really? I don't have that many blue shirts. I must find more!! LOL ;)
    Susy - Holly figured I would like it so she sent it to me =) It reminds me of a more pigmented and slightly more lavender version of Lazy Day. I like it a lot!

  5. Hi Rae! Do you recommend getting the LM pressed mineral powder, the BB yellow powder or the Shiseido Powder Foundation for setting foundation? Have you tried any BB liquid foundation? Thanks so much! I love your videos / blog!

  6. I can already tell we'd get along as friends :D

    Shared bad habits ftw!

    I need to try Lancome Artliner, your liner looks really good. I'm so stuck on the L'Oreal Linear Intense that Miss Holly suggested a while back.

    I'm such a follower & I love it! lol

  7. http://www.amazon.com/Escada-Lily-Women-Toilette-Spray/dp/B000LQHDW6/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&s=beauty&qid=1280259816&sr=8-1

  8. escada lime perfume from 94 i think!

  9. I recently picked up the Snob lipstick when I had my first trip to MAC two Sundays ago. LOVE it.

  10. Hi Rae! Snob looks fantastic on you! Unfortunately on my NC42 asian skin it does not look right at all lol! It just looks...wrong. Since you have previously mentioned that you have sensitive lips how does Snob hold up for you? Thanks and keep up the great work!

  11. Yes you DO look good in blue. Honestly. Would I ever lie to you? -_-"

    And now that I saw you wear Snob, it's time for me to get my hands on it and stop putting it off! hehe

    ^__^ ily!

  12. Rae,
    I mean this in the nicest way.... you need to upload videos more often! I am just not satisfied with other gurus anymore, especially since your products are the most exciting! and luxurious.

    lol i'm greedy, so what. please upload your soon! =)

  13. Anon - That is probably one of the cutest comments I've ever received. Thank you! I'll try to upload another video soon ;)

  14. hey rae, just wondering what's better to use to apply the shiseido compact foundation. the sponge that comes with it or is a powder brush okay too?

  15. are you aspiring to be a makeup artist? what are some of your future goals? I just started college and I am nervous that I do not know what to do/major. Any advice? My sister is in high school and we would love to see a back to school look. Please?

  16. I'm noticing you're wearing more blues in your videos. ;) Haha. Looking great as usual love your reviews/favorites/hauls videos.

    Btw Rae I asked the same thing on another post but I was wondering what camera you use to take the pictures you post on your blog? I love the quality!


  17. Kary: I'm a freelance make-up artist. If you haven't chosen a major yet, just take your time and enroll in a variety of classes! You'll never know for sure until you give it a try ;) And a Back-to-School look will be in order soon!

    Telise - I'm using a Canon Point and shoot SD780IS but any of the Canons are excellent! Anything from the 780 model and up is a good choice!

  18. Hey Rae. =) Just been watching your vids over and over to make sure I got some products that I want to buy written down. Been taking some good notes! lol Can't wait for more vids! I am having Rae withdrawls...lol Couple questions. I am thinking about getting the regular primer from Chanel and I currently use Hour Glass mineral veil and love it. If I remembered correctly you mentioned a while ago that you use a primer by Chanel I am thinking it's the regular one and you said you use it in the winter time. How good is it compared to the Hour glass one? And I want to buy the liquid eye shadow by Chanel called Delta and want to know what you think of it. Thanks in advance. When will you post another video and of what? Can't wait!!! Hope all is well. =)


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