Maybelline Review - Product List

Products I'm Wearing:

Lancome Fresh Wear Foundation [Ivoire .. Review soon, I promise!]
Shiseido Sun Protection Powder in SP 30
Anastasia Brow Pencil in Medium Ash
Estee Lauder Double Wear Creme Shadow in Antique Gold
Shiseido Lasting Lift in Black
YSL Effet Faux Cils in Noir Radical in Black
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Stereo Rose
Tom Ford Lipstick in Blush Nude

There will be other comprehensive reviews to come. I'm sorry the video was so long but I did my best to be as succinct as possible!
Let me know what you think about these long reviews =)



  1. I personally, don't mind the long review especially since it is comprehensive, enlightening, and thorough :). I myself tried to switch from brand name to drugstore it is quite a challenge, not many victories for the drugstore products. Thank you for doing the review, I really appreciate the way you present yourself and your opinions on your blog and YouTube. Take care.

  2. I, too, don't mind the lengthy review or your focus on high end products. I think most people on Youtube don't realize that a "comprehensive" review is supposed to be long because the review contains many different products/perspectives/information; also, some people forget that they have the option to fast forward, if they choose. I personally subscribe to your channel and follow your blog because you specifically use high end products. I do, too. I find that it's easier to listen to/watch someone with those similar interests, however, it appears that there are some people out there who have problems with that - which I don't get. Everyone has their own preference. Some will choose drugstore; some will choose high end. It seems that those who prefer high end get jumped on for buying the products because of the price - it's totally unfair and uncalled for. Thanks for always being honest and thorough. I think that your opinions help many viewers, and you always present yourself in a classy and sophisticated manner - which I, and probably many others, appreciate very much.

  3. I really like how articulate and thorough you are, which is the main reason I enjoy your videos to begin with. Your reviews, long or short, are wonderful! To be honest, I prefer higher end brands (hopelessly susceptible to packaging and limited edition things), but I try to be open-minded so your insight on drugstore products is greatly appreciated. :D

  4. I love your videos, even the long ones!
    I'm really looking forward to your review on the Lancome Teint Idole Fresh wear foundation, as I am really tempted to buy it!

  5. You know that I can sit and listen to you like forever! Don't let the haters deter you from what you do best. You are awesome at what you do and know that you have people out here who are very supportive of your YT goals, whatever they may be. You can do whatever it is that you like, its your channel and its your opinion. I'm proud of you and keep on giving us what we love....YOU!!!<3

  6. I really do enjoy all your reviews, but I especially respect that you give very in depth descriptions on products that I'm trying to work up to.
    thanks so much for such another wonderful review <3

  7. I prefer longer videos from you because you are a pleasure to listen to. I'm looking forward to your upcoming reviews, and your monolid series! thanks, Rae!

  8. I love my blog followers most because you leave me such sincere and sensible comments. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to watch my videos, read my boring blog posts, and leave me wonderful tidbits to read =)

    Dana - I completely understand your point of view. There are thousands of drugstore products as opposed to hundreds of designer products so it's much more of a challenge to find the "gem" drugstore items!

    Christine - There is never a wrong or right preference :) Some people just can't tolerate that we are willing to spend a bit more. Besides, in my work as a freelance make-up artist, I've learned that EVERY client would rather I use high-end drugstore products as opposed to drugstore products. That's just how it goes but not everyone is willing to admit it!

    Renee - I'm ADDICTED to packaging and even though I have an extensive marketing background, I always succumb to all things Limited Edition! hehe

    Mari - The Lancome foundation isn't perfect but it's the best "sheer" foundation I've tried yet ^^ Review coming soon!

    And last but not least: to my backbone, Ms. Diva - You're going to make me cry again :( Thank you for being proud of me and for supporting me no matter what! Your comments and messages always help me get through the toughest days. Much love and many kisses!!

  9. Sly - I'm glad my reviews are of help! I simply try to do what I feel is best =)

    Dana - That means a lot to me because so many people complain about how I don't use slang. I can't change the way I speak, though, because it's part of who I am and how I was raised! I'll be starting the monolid series as soon as possible ^^

  10. I always enjoy and look forward to your reviews and tutorials. They are detailed and honest - something that is quite rare on YT. After watching countless YT beauty videos for over a year, it was your channel that convinced me to make an account so that I could subscribe and tell you how much I appreciate your work. I personally think that it is a waste of time to watch a 3-minute video that essentially says, "This worked well for me," but does not address specifics about the product that may make it unsuitable for others. I'll take a well thought out and informed 10-minute video any day! I'm not really sure why people give you so much grief for choosing to spend YOUR hard earned money on high-end products. I don't think there is anything wrong with admitting that most of the time you get what you pay for. Please ignore the idiots who are trying to tear you down for being an atypical YT personality. Sorry but there are enough 14 yr olds on YT talking about what they bought at Walgreens with their allowance. You are one-of-a-kind and that's why we love you!

  11. Although I personally prefer designer cosmetics over drugstore anyday, I still find it very thoughtful of you to create this drugstore review for your non-designer using subs. You are an absolute joy to watch. I've been a loyal follower from the very first day Holly spoke about you in one of her videos. You're such a strong and intelligent person and I know there's no way you would let those few negative comments get to you. They just don't understand you and what you're trying to accomplish with this video. But that's okay, because you have thousands of others like me, who do. I adore everything about you and your channel and will continue to support you wholeheartedly. I can't wait for your upcoming Burberry cosmetics review. *hugs*

  12. I loved your video on this. I wear both high end and drugstore cosmetics, but you are always always always so informative! The things I appreciate best about you is how you speak with such diction. I hate how you needed to make a disclaimer in your video about reviewing these products. You have made yourself the top (and probably one of the only) "gurus" I know of that do high end cosmetics applications and reviews! Rae, you are who you are. We all love you for that. No need to apologize, but I do understand where you came from with that.

    Most of the drugstore products you reviewed - I don't use. I generally agree with most of what you said.
    Rae i'm so happy for your success!

  13. love the new background!

    and no apologies for the lengthy reviews, i find them soo helpful!


  14. Hey Rae

    I must agree with something you wrote about drugstore makeup being no so cheap when you think about it.
    I came across a lot of L'Oréal or Maybelline mascaras that were worth like 12-15€, singles eyeshadows around 10€ (prices in US$ must be similar I guess). And I was surprised because all the brands sold in department stores aren't THAT expensive compared to drugstore products.

    MAC is the best deal considering its quality of course.
    Armani and Dior are pricey for sure, but there are "slightly" cheaper brands like Clinique or Estée Lauder that are as good. I came across a new Estée Lauder "mineral something" foundation that was around 30€.
    So one Estée Lauder foundation = 2 Maybelline foundations, it's not THAT big of a deal.
    However, I understand that it makes a difference for women who are short on money and NOT collecting makeup as we do.

    I have some experience about drugstore makeup as well and I have noticed that each brand has its "strong point" somehow.
    For instance, Rimmel mascaras are excellent! L'Oréal offers a couple of very decent foundations and Maybelline has some nice lipsticks lines.

    So a question, what did you choose to buy a bunch of Maybelline items only and not... mix up several brands instead?
    I must admit that I don't really like Maybelline except for a couple of lipsticks, the rest of their makeup is... gah!

  15. Second comment.

    Sorry about the stupid question, this IS a Maybelline review.
    I shouldn't have been too fast in writing down my question, I thought this was a drugstore products review in general...

    Another question instead, and please excuse me if someone asked you the same question already (on your blog or YT), which other drugstore brands do you plan to review then?

  16. I just wanted to drop a thank you to you for such an in depth and comprehensive review of the line. I am especially thankful for the recommendation on the Mineral Concealer which I bought upon hearing your positive note. This concealer has been wonderful for me and I would have never known about it without you.

    Thank you.

    - Mq

  17. Oh my gosh! I can't believe your starting a monolid series! I hate having monolids, they actually make me very upset. Because it makes my eyes look small, it's hard to put on makeup, and I just really don't like them. So I'm looking forward to learning more about putting on makeup for monolids. I can't wait! Thanks! Bye!


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