Healthy Hair Products

Here are the products I discussed in my newest video:

Enjoy Conditioning Spray
Dove Intense Damage Therapy Shampoo
Frederic Fekkai Glossing Shampoo

If any of you wanted to see the L'Oreal Pro Serie Expert Absolut Repair Masque so you can track it down elsewhere:

I hope you guys found the video somewhat enlightening!

I'll be back in my apartment the first weekend of August to film as many videos as possible! <3 Plus, HANDBAG BLOG SALE [Chloe, LV, and Gucci] will be posted tomorrow, for any interested folks :)



  1. thank you very much for your video and this article :) very helpful^^
    have a great day!

  2. thanks for the informative video!! :) i want to try out the products you recommended now!

  3. I can't wait to see your hand bags! I'm EXCITED for that post! :) & of course noisy cause I love to see what everyone has in their closet ^_~

  4. my obsession is handbags!


  5. I'm trying to grow out my hair up to your length. I have slightly dry hair and I don't use any heating products or color my hair ever. I'm trying to keep it as healthy as possible but my ends have been continuously crunchy and drier than the top of my head. I keep getting them trimmed month after month and am getting extremely annoyed. How could I keep the ends moisturized without getting a trim to resolve the problem? I don't have split ends, my ends are just dry and crispy for no reason. Please get back to me because all the info I've received is shit and you'd be a lifesaver if you do come up with a solution.

  6. can you please do a makeup tutorial for this nice fresh kind of look cause it's diferent from the netural looks that you allready have! :)

  7. Hi :) You had mentioned in your video that you needed a new hair stylist. Im a San Diego native and I've seriously tried almost every Asian hair salon in town but hands down to Yuya at Moga Salon next to Mitsuwa in Kearny Mesa. He patient, takes his time, extremely friendly, and does what works for you and your hair's needs. The place isnt the fanciest but def check it out, its worth it :)

  8. Hi,
    So I don't know where exactly you live in Socal but my hair stylist vivian is amazing!! She works in garden grove and she's korean, but she's pretty young (somewhere in her 30's). I have gone to her for 6 years now and before her every place I went to get my hair cut I would cry after because I hated my hair cut..haha but she is amazing! She is really good priced too, I think highest $50 for wash, cut, and blow dry. If your interested let me know and I can give you her cell number! :)

  9. Oh if your interested heres her number: 714 357 1599
    i just didn't want her number to show up on here, bc it is her cell phone. Her name is vivian and shes really nice. Good luck with finding a good hair stylist! :)


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