REVEAL | What's In My Makeup Bag, Winter 2018 Edition

Since I've been wearing essentially the same look all Winter, I figured I should share with you the contents of my makeup bag before Spring arrives!  The same lineup has been in rotation for at least three, even four months now, which is a record setting length because I get bored of makeup easily.  These are tried and true so a few of the products won't be a surprise!

Lately I've been seeing questions regarding what products I hit pan on or what I've repurchased.  They're actually really important questions because I have worked in beauty so long and have accumulated a long list of favorites over the years.  And as much as I love photographing a fresh tube of lipstick because the photos look tidy or glamorous, this is a real and truly honest look at what makeup I use regularly as of late — at least these are thoroughly tried and true.

I prioritize keeping my bag as clean and organized as possible, wiping down the interior and compacts with nearly every use.  Plus, this Burberry zip pouch with my embroidered initials is the best makeup bag I've ever used because the nylon fabric is easy to keep clean and keeps me from overpacking, too!  The pouch is a bit of a splurge and but it fits absolutely everything I need to complete a whole face plus additional options.

I recently shared my love for Chantecaille's Future Skin gel foundation in my new January Favorites video in case you missed.  It's truly the first foundation I have finished in years, and even I'm shocked because it took me a while to fall in love with it!  I just received a few more shades in attempts to find my perfect match.  Even though I have acne and acne scarring, the Future Skin formula blurs them about halfway while still looking like real skin, reducing how much concealer I use.  My pores are super prone to congestion but this oil free gel-based foundation works so well with my skin chemistry and never causes irritation.  It makes me glow without any glitter or shimmer, and it is dewy without looking oily.

I always apply the Chantecaille Future Skin Foundation with my Artis Brush 8 which changed my opinion regarding the foundation entirely.  It looks noticeably more even and takes less than sixty seconds to apply because the extra large surface area of the 8 brush.  Artis products are some of the best investments in the synthetic fiber makeup brush industry and the size of the 8 wastes a touch more product with each application, but it is totally worth it.  Less messy for my fingertips and saves so much time!

I've tried the smaller models, but the Artis Oval 8 is the only one I love for foundation.  I recommend holding the bottom half of the handle to keep the pressure light, and keep the strokes long and steady, moving in one direction.  The bristles are impressively soft and gentle on my acne, which prevents me from "rubbing" my face and irritating my skin.  This brush beats every sponge, stippling product, and natural brush I've ever tried and I throw it around inside my makeup bag yet it still looks new.

Next up we have the other complexion must-have that has carried over from 2017, By Terry's Compact Expert Dual Powder in 4 Nude Beige.  This is the only shimmery setting powder compact I think I have ever used and loved.  I take particular care to avoid shimmer due to the textural imperfections on my cheeks from acne, but the By Terry is very subtle because the center ring is shimmery, while the outer ring is matte.  I can adjust to the varying shades of my complexion by adding more of the outer ring to darker spots like my forehead and almost like bronzer in the hollows of my cheeks.  It also creates a glowing effect and warms up with my skin's natural oils beautifully.  When I am in a rush and short on time, I use Future Skin and Dual Compact without concealer.  While the coverage doesn't hide my acne scars, it significantly softens the way they look.

To apply the powder, I've actually been using Laura Mercier's new Powder Brush.  The bristles have just enough length to provide medium coverage and feels comfortable in my hand.  I have By Terry's Kabuki Brush but it's retractable and more difficult to clean, which is why I reserve it for travel.  I have been wearing Tom Ford's Ultimate Bronzer in Terra the past few months because it is oil-free and talc-free, and I apply it with Laura Mercier's Bronzer Brush.  It is dense and lovely, blending out the baked color with a couple sweeps.

Now this is a sneak peak of sorts because I have discovered a new concealer combination that is blowing my mind!  Keep an eye out on YouTube because I'll be wearing this impressive combination of base products.   I was using Laura Mercier's Secret Camouflage for months and actually hit pan for the first time since Cle de Peau's stick concealer (reformulated with spf) which I also stopped using.  I already mentioned my skin is extra sensitive and pores easily clogged, but layering the Dior Forever Undercover Concealer in 021 and then applying By Terry's Click Expert Concealer in Cream completely hide my pimples and scars for a solid eight hours.  No aggravating set backs or irritation after.  I set the Dior down first with the doe foot applicator and go back to touch up stubborn bits with the By Terry.  It totally tops all the other concealer combinations I have tried thus far in this on and off battle with scarring.

My lipstick choices this winter have been minimal since my lips were peeling and this versatile duo has saved me and helped me look presentable on many occasions.  The Christian Louboutin Matte Rouge is a no-brainer since it can be blotted down or layered up.  The color is a deeper true red, not too bright.  The Burberry Lip Color Contour in No.1 Fair is a creamy nude pen that gives the illusion of naturally fuller-looking lips.  It feels plush and has a velvety feel and look without drying out my lips whatsoever!

Okay big spoiler alert!  I was recently asked by a long time YouTube viewer that she always wanted to know whether I preferred Troy Surratt's Expressioniste Brow Pencil or Burberry's.  Funny enough, I introduced my twin sister to the TS which she still uses after all these years.  I however prefer Burberry's Effortless Brow Pencil in Ebony.  It is so easily buildable and has a more powdery finish, but it's true that the Surratt is more precise (ideal for thin/thinner brows).  Lately though I am loving Benefit's Goof Proof Eyebrow Pencil in Shade 2 because it appears more natural and sheerer in color, probably due to the higher wax content.  I usually finish off the tail of the brow with the Burberry for extra definition and length when I'm shooting.

Last but not least, I have been wearing a fiber mascara due to my eyelash extensions.  This Victoria Beckham x Estée Lauder mascara helps boost the volume and length for on-camera work, but it is now sold out.  I hope they bring it back soon because it comes off so easily with water but doesn't budge while it's on my eyes!  Once my tube expires in a month, I will reluctantly move on and try EL's Sumptuous Extreme Lash Volume Mascara since it is not waterproof.  The mousse formula is supposed to enable the mascara to act like lash extensions so I'm intrigued.  If you've tried it, please let me know what you think!

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