BEST OF | Supergoop! Invincible Setting Powder SPF45 Review + My Favorite Sunscreens

Since discovering Supergoop! thanks to my friend Sabrina over at The Beauty Look Book, I have been experimenting with the brand's lineup and am now ready to share my favorites.  As many of you know, I used PCASKIN for a few years, namely the Protecting Hydrator SPF30 which is a sunscreen moisturizer that is great for oily skin and works well under makeup.

Although I am switching things up in 2018, I have always been an avid proponent of sunscreen and reapplication of sunscreen because I use acne fighting products and enjoy chemical peels that make my skin more sensitive to UV rays and sun damage.  I think Supergoop! makes some incredible products at unbeatable prices, so please take a look at what I consider to be the best offerings from the brand!

I always get asked how I reapply sunscreen on top of makeup.  My grandmother introduced me to Shiseido's powder foundation with spf when I was a teenager, but the shade range is limited and the coverage a little cakey.  That's why I am obsessed with Supergoop's reformulated and repackaged Invincible Setting Powder SPF45.  This sweat-resistant sheer 100% mineral powder is officially a must-have in my Doctor Bag because the Ceramide 3 and olive glycerides seal in moisture, leaving a soft-matte velvety finish that looks and feels smooth even on my super dry skin.  It blurs away my pores without clogging them!

There are now four shades available: translucent, light, medium, and deep.  I started using Translucent every day recently because I prefer keeping my makeup looking as light and as natural as possible on days I'm not filming or shooting.  I use light on most makeup days, but I will also carry deep with me when I'm wearing bronzer to touch prevent from looking washed out after a touch-up.  I hope Supergoop! will launch a light-medium shade in the future because the current medium leans a touch too warm for me to wear all over but overall it is a top notch product, the best sunscreen powder I've tried thus far!

Also worth noting is that the Invincible Setting Powder SPF 45 has a refillable cartridge powder base, and the brush is softer and gentler plus removable.  I am a germaphone when it comes to brushes so I am relieved to see brands are paying attention to this detail!  Dirty brushes will cause congestion and spread bacteria so please clean your brushes every two weeks if not every week.  The clear plastic brush guard moves up and down to protect the bristles but that also means it gets coated in a touch of powder each time, so I'll wipe it down with a tissue every few applications between my thorough washings.

Now my second favorite product from Supergoop! is their Everyday Sunscreen SPF 50 because it is an oil-free formula that is slowly replacing all the other sunscreens in my arsenal.  It's water-resistant and feels like a lotion when applied.  The natural extracts of lemon, orange, basil, and bois de rose provide a subtle scent  perfect if you avoid sunscreens due to the unpleasant nature of the way most smell.  You can use this on the body as well but I prefer the Antioxidant-Infused Sunscreen Mist SPF 50.

I love the continuous mist format of this sunscreen because it applies so evenly without clogging.  I mostly apply it to my body but I'll even use it on my face in a pinch (not recommended but I wear googles or sunglasses).  There's 35% less alcohol content than other popular sunscreen sprays and the twist-lock closure is absolutely necessary to prevent accidental spritzes on children, animals, and inside my leather bags.  The fresh light scent is refreshing and leaves a glowy sheen.  The Antioxidant Sunscreen Mist also contains Vitamin C but Supergoop! does make a Mineral Sunscreen Mist ($34 USD) if you prefer a physical formula.

Lately I have been increasingly more concerned about my hands and sun spots on places like the backs of my hands and neck/chest area.  That's why I carry the Mineral Sunscreen Stick SPF 50 in my purse and apply this on areas of concern while I'm directly exposed to UV rays outdoors or while I'm driving my car.  I even use it on the tops of my ears when I'm wearing a ponytail or bun.  It is priced at $24 and can be used on the face as well (after skin care, prior to makeup).  It is ideal for a beach bag because it's so tiny and convenient, mess-free!

If you're looking for another sunscreen that is small and travel friendly, then consider the Super Power Sunscreen Mousse SPF50.  It is lightweight and hydrating and feels so luxurious when applied to my body.  I mostly use this on my chest and arms because it's more expensive at $34 a pop, but it only takes a golf ball sized amount to cover each arm.  It absorbs quickly and doesn't leave my skin greasy so I'll use it on my face as well!

Right before the updated Invincible Powder SPF45 launched, Supergoop had released a new sunscreen primer called Unseen ($32 USD).  This is a scentless translucent gel that dries down matte without any white or grey cast, smoothing out pores and gripping makeup.  I think it works extremely well considering these colorless primer formulas tend to pill.  Unseen Sunscreen is two steps in one which makes it cost effective, but I do wish it were a touch more hydrating — although it would be a lifesaver in tropical or humid climates!  And in case you're curious, my favorite primer of the moment is TATCHA's new The Silk Canvas which is a balm formulation that sits on dry skin better but is essentially like Supergoop's Unseen without the sunscreen.

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