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My mother introduced me to Young Living a couple years ago.  Prior to that, I had heard of the budding essential oil trend but I was mostly concerned with its role in beauty but not overall wellness.  I only discovered how much I appreciated lavender when I walked in to my mom's place and noticed how I immediately felt more at ease.  I shopped around for a stylish diffuser for a long time, but none struck me quite like the Aria.

I posted a couple Instagram Stories of the Ultrasonic Aria Diffuser and its multicolored LED light show and lots of you were curious.  Although I wish Young Living would have opted for warm orange and amber bulbs which are generally recommended as more relaxing for bed time, I love how beautiful the purple steam looks inside the glass dome.  My grandmother, twin, and nephew find it mesmerizing too!  The built-in sounds of streams and soothing ambient notes make this diffuser an essential in my daily routine, and I find myself turning it on throughout the day to luxuriate in the gentle fragrance of lavender.  It seems to reduce my anxiety.  I turn it on when I stretch and practice yoga between shooting and typing, and those are pretty much my favorite 30 minutes each day.

The solid American maple base and housing for the matching remote does up the cost, but the Aria's construction and design is impeccable so I highly recommend it.  If you're looking for a unique stylish way to bring the benefits of essential oils into your home, look no further than Young Living!  Their Essential Oil in Lavender ($31 USD) is my top pick because's it's the only one that isn't too powdery or too strong.  Young Living also offers essential oil blends but I am sensitive to certain smells, so I think I will try experimenting carefully on my own.  The pamphlet recommends 15-20 drops and I always use 20 to get the most of out each session.

I also chose to try the new Mirah Shave Oil ($30 USD) which I was pleasantly surprised by.  It is a formulation of essential oils, emollients, and botanicals to help achieve a closer shave.  Not only did my legs and underarms look smoother, they felt soft and balanced right after I hopped out of the shower.  I still applied moisturizer because my skin is extra dry but because of the rich oils, I technically could have skipped and put my pajama pants on straightaway.

Next I'd love to try the Desert Mist Diffuser ($84 USD) because it is far more affordable and functions as a humidifier, atomizer, and aroma diffuser in one.  The design is feminine with a white plastic body inspired by a Moroccan trellis and subtle pink accents but the idea of a 3-in-1 product is what appeals to me most.  I adore the Aria and it matches my personal taste in decor, but the Desert Mist would be be equally welcome in my home.  I recommend trying first whichever suits your budget!  With age, I definitely revel more in these little rituals so even a diffuser makes an impact in how I get through each day.  Take care of yourself and enjoy the present xo

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