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The DiorSkin Airflash Spray Foundation has always been one of my favorite formulas for a camera-ready complexions due to its velvety airbrushed finish. It feels ultra lightweight yet makes the skin look supremely smooth. Shared here is my foundation routine and tips for photogenic skin!

I normally wear the new DreamSkin Cushion in 020 for a luminous base. It has SPF 50 which is crucial to my everyday routine, so I treat it like a hydrating, slightly tinted primer. During the holidays, however, I prefer the polished look of the Airflash Spray Foundation. I purchased my last bottle a few years ago and didn't realize Dior had updated and perfected the formula. Now it barely oxidizes!!

I custom mixed 201 Linen and 202 Cameo since the latter is a shade that launched after I uploaded this YouTube tutorial video three years ago, where I sprayed directly to my face and blended with a sponge. Linen has a yellow base while Cameo has a pink-tinged lean, so I will be purchasing 300 to mix with 201 instead. I hardly used any since I like sheer to medium coverage so I think these new bottles will last me one year! If you like full coverage, I recommend using a brush.

I recently started using the Backstage Buffing Brush for buildable coverage, so I wanted to share a how-to because I still get questions about Airflash application. Using the brush is a much neater way to get more targeted application and more importantly, when I use this angled Buffing brush, my slightly open pore patches disappear!

Tip 1: Always cover your clothing/vanity area with a towel.
Tip 2: Shake the can vigorously for 5 seconds before spraying.
Tip 3: Pat extra gently on trouble spots that need additional coverage.

I start with the loaded Buffing Brush and swipe from the sides of my nose out to my hair/jaw line. My cheeks are where I need the most coverage, so I go back and blend in small circular motions. I try to pat the brush on my forehead. This takes me less than 5 minutes while watching television. Then I'll swipe on the Dior stick concealer to cover my scarring and redness.

I cover my dark circles with Dior's fluid under-eye concealer that adds a touch of brightness. I don't like to go much lighter than my skin's actual color because it looks overly made up. I did add a touch of my favorite new powder on my chin and cheeks to give you a preview of the finish. Then of course it's all about enhancing the skin and adding the finishing touches with makeup, which I've reviewed below!

Score a complimentary kabuki brush mini with your Airflash order!
The quality of the build and bristles are impressive considering it is free. 

Although I'm generally not a fan of synthetic bristles because they require more effort to clean, I make an exception for this Buffing Brush because it was specially designed for use with the Airflash. I love the wide, dense and beveled brush head as there is plenty of surface area to spray and the short handle gives me more control. I usually combine four quick spritzes of the foundation and use small circular movements to get medium coverage. Then I'll pat another spritz on my cheeks and forehead where redness is still visible.

Dior's Fix It 2-In-1 Primer and Concealer in 003 is my latest concealer of choice for my face since I still have acne scarring on my cheeks that is hard to hide. I love the creamy texture because it looks like real skin and covers without looking thick or cake-y. It doesn't provide full coverage but I've only ever blended it out with my fingertips. On lazy days, I wear this alone and carry it with me for touch-ups.

Even though there are very few concealers I am willing to put under my eyes due to creasing in my fine lines, I have been using DiorSkin Star Concealer in 002. I first tried it years ago while I was in college and still go back to it! My under eye circles have been so noticeable since I haven't slept well recently, making concealer necessary. This super concentrated formula neutralizes the darkness with just a few dabs. You can also use it around your nose on broken capillaries.

I set with a light dusting of Dior Capture Totale Powder in 023 on the areas that I applied concealer, just to help it last all day. I don't think concealer or powder is necessary with Airflash, but I still feel self-conscious about my scarring so powdering my concealer is a habit. Plus, this Capture Totale powder helps control oil and works marvelously with the Airflash! I absolutely love it and highly recommend it.

Let's move onto the eyes with the new DiorShow Pro Liner Waterproof in Black. Hold the pencil horizontally, dragging in to the middle of the pupil and then finish the line from the inner corner, smoothing it out to the outer corner. If you want to add a wing, start where you want the tail to end, and use the pointy beveled end to extend down towards the lashline. 

This holiday look is simple but chic and totally photogenic. I'm all about great skin, rich liner, and nude lips at the moment. So despite not wearing blush regularly, I always wear blush when taking photos. I decided to try the DiorBlush in 849 Mimi Bronze since I've tried all the bronzers and most of the pink/peach variety of blushes from Dior. I like it much more than I expected to! You can get away with using it on the forehead and jawline for a touch of color even though it is labeled as blush. It's not too shimmery. 

Last but not least, I wanted to finish with lipstick! The new Rouge Dior Lipstick collection is beautifully curated and there are a few textures to choose from. My favorite three are all fairly natural tones, but the one I am wearing here is 250 Bal which is the perfect My-Lips-But-Better shade for my pink-mauve pout. It is hydrating and does not accentuate my lip lines.

If you prefer a more saturated peach that doesn't lean too far orange and has a slightly glossy finish, I like 439 Why Not. I also highly recommend 136 Delicate Matte. I wear a lot of neutral peaches, but this is still creamy and similar enough to my Holy Grail matte lipstick in Nude Apricot featured in several of my videos lately.

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