Colbert MD Stimulate The Serum, Illumino Face Mask, and Tone Facial Discs Review, Photos

I have fallen head over heels with Colbert MD. I have been using his skincare quite diligently for the past two months, and his products are still proving highly effective on my stressed skin. They're all formulated with patented QuSome technology which allows the active ingredients to be delivered into the skin's deepest layers. The results I've seen with two of his products have me hooked for life!

The illumino Anti-Aging Brightening Mask is the only face mask in the last year to really sweep me off my feet. The thick, plush cellulose stays put and it even covers the eyes without stinging. The niacinamide makes my skin immediately brighter, but it also feels and looks moisturized thanks to the hyaluronic acid. 

I do think it helps fairly well with fading dark spots, so I recommend using these masks 3x a week or more if you want to speed up the process. Just make sure to be diligent about applying and reapplying sunscreen throughout the day.

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The Tone Control Facial Discs are probably some of the most efficacious exfoliating skin care I have ever tried. They make my skin feel smoother to the touch, and I love how convenient and portable they are! I throw them into my gym bag or travel bags constantly, and it really does help control blackheads and reduce break outs. I always use them for 60 seconds and work in clockwise motions all across my face. I try to use one every day for best results.

Stimulate The Serum is extremely gentle and lightweight, so if you have sensitive and/or thin skin, this product is a must-have. I like to use this serum when my skin is struggling with hormonal changes or while I'm traveling. The Stimulate formula is nourishing without feeling greasy or heavy. I do think it is a bit on the expensive range of the spectrum since I haven't necessarily seen dramatic results or changes, but it has never clogged a single pore. I highly recommend it for maintenance and for layering after Colbert MD's Facial Disks.

Do check out ColbertMD.com to find out more about the products and explore the brand's other offerings! I plan to try the Intensify Facial Discs and Uplift Eye Serum next!

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