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Since I have fallen in love with Eve by Eve's phenomenal lipsticks and eyeliners, I wanted to share my thoughts on their skin care products as well. The white and gold packaging is understated yet sophisticated. Even the glossy boxes and linen boxes look luxe, so they would make lovely gifts this Christmas!

Eve by Eve's Swiss-made Eviterntity skin care is what I tried first, and it really surprised me. I actually love it! The Floral Balancing Toner is simpler than the formulas I use daily, but it smells lovely and softens the skin. It contains Witch Hazel water which is widely known to reduce inflammation and active blemishes. I noticed that the redness on my cheeks was less noticeable and my pores did look a little bit smaller. Always apply with a cotton pad!

The Essence Eviterntity is an all-in-one anti-aging serum that hydrates, brightens, and reverses signs of aging. It has a slightly tacky texture but it absorbs quickly. I love the bright refreshing fragrance and how bouncy and firm it makes my skin feel. The Cream is more like a Japanese "Emulsion" or "Lotion I" as opposed to what Americans would consider a true cream (something thicker like La Mer's). The Cream Eviterntity is very lightweight with a fluid formula that spreads easily and reduces the appearance of flakiness. The scent is more subtle than in the Essence, so the Cream is more ideal for sensitive noses.

I can't say if the cream works to reduce the appearance of expression lines since I only have fine lines around my eyes as of yet, but I really like it under sunscreen. My personal opinion is that this Eve by Eve's Eviternity trio is best for day time use or for those with normal to combination skin!

Now let's move onto cleanser, my most used (and favorite) skin care category. The Lavender Hydrating Cleansing Oil emulsifies easily, so I highly recommend this for beginners. The formula feels more like Shu Uemura's at first, but when water is emulsified, it has a plush quality that makes me think of TATCHA's. Eve by Eve's cleansing oil requires more rinsing than usual, but I love that it does not leave my skin feeling dry or tight. The lavender fragrance is quite strong in this one.

The Lavender Brightening Micro-Foam Cleanser is formulated to froth up and remove impurities on the skin. I am not a huge fan of the botanical fragrance, but I find that it provides a truly deep clean that will suit all skin types and needs. It balances the T-zone without overly drying or irritating the complexion. I love how dense the foam is, so I use two or three pumps depending on my skin's condition in the morning.

The Marine Protection Brightening Creamy Cleanser does exactly what it promises. Just like the foaming cleanser, this creamy cleanser is made in France. This formula visibly improves my skin's elasticity and firmness, and I love the inclusion of sea salt (a trend that's taken off in S. Korea), which is supposed to detoxify and increase circulation. I highly recommend this one to those with combination to dry skin!

Most of you know I am a mask junkie, so I was excited to hear that Eve by Eve's offers six masks! The Cranberry Anti-Aging mask contains collagen, cranberry fruit powder, kaolin and glycerin which purify, plump and hydrate. It feels more like a clay-based scrub, but it has a very subtle fragrance and really does plump.  The Luminous Brightening mask makes my skin look more resilient and radiant and feel more moisturized. It is in the same trendy new category as Charlotte Tilbury's Goddess Skin Clay mask. This one is ultra rich and has a soothing feel when applied to the skin.

The Purifying Algae + Clay Mask is actually very hydrating but does manage to purify and balance. I was worried that it might dehydrate my complexion, but the mask makes my skin feel refreshed and healthy! I love the clean fragrance of this one, and the formula isn't as heavy on the clay as I expected it to be. It rinses off easily.

The Healing Jasmine + Algae Mask calms, conditions, and hydrates. I quite like this one because it is so gentle! Since I wear a lot of makeup when filming and since the weather in Southern California has become drastically colder, I have been using this one at least once a week. I love the jasmine in this mask because it's not overwhelming to my nose.

The Hyaluronic Acid Express Moisturizing Brush Mask reminds me of YSL's Flash Facial, so this is by far my favorite of the Eve by Eve's masks. It's very convenient to use since I don't have to use my fingertips and the gel texture feels so luxurious and relaxing whether I use it day or night. The fragrance is fresh but not too strong. When my skin is inflamed, I cleanse my face and reach for this mask. My skin looks immediately better (less puffy, too) after rinsing this off so I highly, highly recommend this Brush Mask!

The Metabolism Booster Overnight Youth Mask targets a multitude of skin concerns from hydration to anti-aging issues. I love that this one contains Rose Water and is scented with Geranium Flower Essential Oil, though I almost wish the beautiful fragrance was a little more pronounced. To those with sensitive senses of smell, this overnight mask will be perfect! I just slap this on generously after cleanser, in place of my evening moisturizer. Multi-taskers like this make getting ready for bed so much more efficient.

My top 3 skin care picks from Eve by Eve's are Hyaluronic Acid Express Moisturizing Brush Mask, Lavender Brightening Micro-Foam Cleanser, and the Cream Eviterntity! Give them a try this winter xo
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