Burberry Holiday 2015 Beauty Collection Review, Photos

I started working my way through Holiday makeup collections which are consistently my favorite every year. Burberry's caught my eye because of the posh limited edition gold packaging, but the product lineup is just as exciting!

The colors are fairly similar to the Holiday 2014 offerings, but the glitter infused My Burberry Festive Eau de Parfum is a most welcome addition. The shimmering gabardine knot is a subtle detail in comparison to the fun gold flakes, but overall, this chic and sophisticated take on the nostalgic snow globe is a smashing success.

created in partnership with Burberry x Sephora
There's also a special My Burberry solid perfume that I've been carrying with me in my handbag to prolong the wear of my Eau de Parfum! The formula has a hint of sparkle. The darker berry lip products from last year have been replaced with the iconic Military Red — one of the best bright neutral red shades on the market. It flatters every skin tone yet it still looks appropriate in the workplace. I've owned every rendition of Military Red since Burberry Beauty launched, so it holds a special place in my heart.

I filmed a comprehensive review of the Burberry Kisses family last month, so please watch the video if you're interested in learning more about the lipstick and lip gloss formulas. The Festive Gold Lipstick in Festive Gold is sheer and sparkly, which is ideal for wearing on top of a red or wine color. If you don't like lip glosses, this Festive Gold Lipstick is the best way to add shimmery drama without the shine!

Both of the Holiday Burberry Kisses lip glosses are phenomenal, but I'm especially partial to the Military Red color. The formula is moisturizing, and the doe foot applicator makes it easy to apply as well as layer product on the lips. I swatched Poppy Red in the video, which is more pink instead of a true red. Both are incredibly pigmented and leave a soft tint behind once the mirror-like shine fades.

The Festive Gold Lip Gloss, unlike the Festive Gold lipstick, looks fabulous when worn alone. I keep it as natural as possible when I'm not filming or attending an event, so I love this particular lip gloss. My lips look fuller thanks to the subtle gold flakes, and it makes me feel glamorous without looking like a kid that raided mommy's makeup drawer. Festive Gold is very versatile since it can be mixed with other lip glosses and brings out the warmth of all nude and peach-toned lipsticks.

The Holiday Collection Nail Polishes are especially amazing because they dry so quickly, about 15 minutes! The formula is fluid but not runny which makes it easy to apply, even if you have shaky hands. I rarely have to do cuticle clean up since the brush is the right fit for my narrow nail beds. I make three super easy, quick strokes. Both the Military Red and Festive Gold shades are fully opaque in two coats but Festive Gold is best used as a glitter topper.

If you're looking to gift the beauty junkie in your life any kind of makeup this Christmas, make sure to include the Burberry Festive Collection. The fragrance, lip glosses, and nail polishes are my top three recommendations!

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  1. This is absolutely stunning! They outdid themselves this Christmas.

  2. Beautiful collection, and nice pics! :)

  3. what do you use for your top coat to make it so shiny??

  4. what top coat do you use to make it so shiny??


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