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I've waited many years to compile this Holy Grail Hair Care + Styling Products lineup because I was always waiting for the next best thing to sweep me off my feet. Now that my hair has endured so many different types of chemical treatments and colors, I am ready to share what hair care is actually worth the money!
Let me start by telling you that I have a very laid-back approach to my hair. When I buy expensive hair care, I expect it to keep my locks looking as healthy and as vibrant as possible. I stick to these tried but true products because they work. I have used atelier salon brands Kerastase and Shu Uemura the longest — nearly 6 years — all throughout various stages of virgin hair, dyed jet black hair, blonde ombre hair, and red ombre hair. I have loved and recommended every variation of the Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil Shampoo, and I absolutely adore the Kerastase Cristalliste for those with dark dyed or natural, untreated hair! Other noteworthy products from Kerastase are Initialiste (if you suffer from dry scalp) and Reflection Masque Chroma Riche (a hydrating and soothing mask for colored hair).
My latest obsession for hair care has been Moroccanoil due to its more affordable pricing and phenomenal quality, but if you can splurge, I urge you to try Philip B. The White Truffle Conditioning Creme tames my hair in ways that no other conditioners from even Shu Uemura, Kerastase and Moroccanoil can. My hair feels soft yet bouncy and responds better to styling. Luxury hair care brands like Oribe make wonderful products as well. If you'd like to try something more luxurious than the Kiehl's Damage Repair Treatment, definitely look into the Oribe Split End Seal! I am still in the process of testing it, which is why it did not make it into the video below. I will release my final verdict in a few weeks. My sister is a huge fan of Oribe's Gold Lust Hair Oil and the famed Thick Dry Texturizing Spray, so we highly recommend you try them!
Last but not least, I wanted to mention that you will hear me consistently mention fragrance in the video review. I might have a very dull nose, but I love pleasantly scented hair care. It makes me feel confident and radiates a more polished aura. I hope you'll enjoy the review and give some of my favorites a try! 

Products Reviewed:
Moroccanoil Hydrating Shampoo
Mason Pearson Handy Mix Brush
Macademia Professional Nourishing Shampoo
Macademia Professional Nourishing Conditioner

Makeup Worn:
Charlotte Tilbury Foundation in 3
Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronzer
Chantecaille Liquid Pen Eyeliner
em Michelle Phan Lengthening Mascara


Tom Ford Toasted Sugar
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