Sisley Phyto-Lip Twists Review, Photos, Swatches (6 Shades)

I love all kinds of lipstick, but I especially love tinted lip balms. Believe it or not, it is much easier to find a fabulous full-pigment lipstick than a quality tinted lip balm. I have tried just about every single one offered from Sephora, Nordstrom, and Neiman Marcus, but the search always continues for the best. Though I only got around to trying these recently, Sisley launched the Phyto-Lip Twists earlier this year, and they may very well earn my Holy Grail Award. Check out more details and swatches after the jump!

The zebra print pattern is modern and funky. Sisley is known for their elegant, minimal packaging style, so I was taken aback the very first time I spotted the Phyto-Lip Twists online. Since then, I have fallen in love with the subtly color-coded labels and practical retractable packaging. I do wish the red Sisley logo had been embossed instead of laser-printed on top of the zebra print, but I ultimately, still love how recognizable these lip balms are. I'm never rummaging around my purse or vanity to find one!

The price point of $50 USD might sound intimidating, but they are some of the loveliest tinted lip balms on the market. I have to be incredibly picky with my lip products due to how sensitive my lips are, but Sisley's Lip Twists work very well for me. The color coverage is phenomenal as they look and perform just like lipsticks, while the finish is glossy but non-sticky. No scent or taste! I personally love fruity scents, but I know a few readers who require fragrance-free.

Most shades are infused with microshimmer, which I generally avoid, but I did not experience irritation or peeling. Despite the shimmer, the consistency is ultra smooth and quite creamy, and the formula is lightweight considering the awesome pigmentation! Best of all, the first couple times I tried them on, I had some serious flaky patches on my lips. The Lip Twists repaired my lips during wear, which is nearly unheard of!

The extra large pointed pencils makes it easier to neatly apply these lip balms while on the go because you can outline and color the lips with a single stroke. Just glide it on as you would with any of your favorite lipsticks! They're also much lighter than yet equally substantial to what I generally carry in my purse, so these Lip Twists have come in quite handy while traveling. 

NUDE (1) is a neutral nude-beige with sparkle. I was hesitant with this particular shade since the shimmer is immediately noticeably, but it actually makes my lips look full and voluptuous. The glossiness does fade and leave the sparkle on the lips, so I recommend reapplication every few hours. The pigmentation of Nude is semi-opaque, making it one of the most memorable nude lip products I own!

BABY (2) is a light-medium, slightly warmer My-Lips-But-Better pink with subtle shimmer and a glossy finish. I was pleasantly surprised at how pigmented this color was, and it wore for a good three hours. Without eating and with minimal drinking, it lasts nearly four. I wear this one most often because it looks so natural!

PEACH (3) is a medium orange-peach with a slightly metallic shine. This is an excellent statement shade. The shimmer in this one is multi-faceted, with orange and gold bits that are a little smaller than the sparkles in Nude. Although it pulls more orange than peach on my skin tone, I still think it is a beautiful color for summer.

PINKY (4) is a cool-toned hot pink. No shimmer! Pinky was the least flattering against my light-medium, yellow-toned skin, but the fair will love how fun and "Barbie" pink it looks. It is as neon and vibrant as tinted lip balms can possibly be, so I plan to mix it with Nude and Baby to create custom colors.

BERRY (5) is a neutral berry. No shimmer! This shade enhances the mauve in my lips, so it leans less pink on me than it does on others. Berry lasted for five hours on my lips, although I do wish the glossy finish had lingered longer (only an hour or two). I find this the most universally flattering of the six, even if it is darker than I generally reach for. Berry is also right on trend this Fall/Holiday.

CHERRY (6) is a warm red with microshimmer, and it is the most pigmented of the six. If I layer it on in the morning, Cherry leaves behind a soft ruby stain on the lips after fading throughout the day. I usually get least six hours every time I have worn it at full potential. I, however, have been experimenting with a single even coat of color (two swipes), and I love Cherry just as much when worn ultra-sheer. It looks more appropriate during the day.

My favorites are (respectively) 2 Baby, 1 Nude, 6 Cherry, 5 Berry. All of them warm up a few minutes after application and make my lips look so luminous, supple and healthy. As with the rest of Sisley's makeup and skincare, the Phyto-Lip Twists are luxurious indulgences — and they do not feign to be otherwise. If you are looking to treat yourself with semi-opaque, hydrating color, I highly recommend them!

Now, here's a rare opportunity to win a complete wardrobe of 6 Phyto-Lip Twists! This giveaway prize has generously been offered by Sisley and the winner will be selected randomly. Good luck!

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