Shu Uemura VIP 25% OFF Sale Details + Top 10 Recommendations

In case you haven't heard, Shu Uemura is holding their highly anticipated 25% off SALE this week. This is the absolute BEST Shu Uemura promotion of the year, even better and more discounted than the Black Friday sale! The offer technically starts on Monday, November 17th and ends on Wednesday, November 19th, but my readers get an early preview. That means you can load up your cart and SHOP NOW on Sunday, November 16th before all the popular items and colors are gone!!

Use the exclusive promo code SHUXRAE to receive 25% off + free shipping 
on orders of $50 or more in the United States and Canada ♡

As many of you know, I absolutely love Shu Uemura cosmetics and always make a beeline for their counters when traveling abroad. I was devastated when the last Shu Uemura store in California closed, but luckily, we can still shop online! My favorite two items from the latest Shupette collection — the palette and brush set — are sold out already, so do take advantage of this short-lived opportunity to save money and stock up!

EDIT :: I CAN'T BELIVE that I completely FORGOT to include Shu Uemura's legendary EYESHADOWS! I posted a quick picture on Instagram here, sharing a few of my favorite palettes. I love all the individual eyeshadow refills (some of the best glitters on the market) as well as the new Ready-to-Wear Palettes (especially the black and brown). Hope these suggestions help! xo

Rae's TOP 10 Recommendations

This is the legendary Shu Uemura product. It is the very eyelash curler I ever tried.
Since then, I have experimented and dabbled with other brands, but Shu Uemura's
is my one true love. It never pinches the skin of my delicate eyelids and provides
the most long-lasting results. I have fine, sparse lashes, which means
an eyelash curler is essential for completing any eye look!

This is my favorite Shu Uemura cleansing oil. It removes my waterproof mascaras
most effectively and without ever irritating my super sensitive eyes! The Anti/Oxi
feels more like a gel, which makes it more appealing to those new to the cleansing
oil trend. I reviewed it here in detail here, in case you're interested!

I adore all Shu Uemura eyelashes for their construction and quality,
but the Smoky Layers style is an exceptional, naturally pretty lash. 
The Farfallina (not available on the US site) are my most
worn since they are very full and dramatic, but the
Smoky Layers is universally loved.

This is one of the three brushes I use for exclusively for blush.
The application is precise and the bristles are not excessively soft,
making it possible to pick up sheer baked powders. Shu Uemura brushes
are known for quality, and this is one of my all-time favorites. 

Pictured above is 11, but I also recommend 10f. I hesitated to splurge on
these brushes before I understood the magic of Kolinsky, but the 20% off
discount makes these a steal! The bristles are firm yet soft and can work
with powders, creams, or liquids. With regular washing and gentle care,
these Kolinksy brushes can last a good ten to twenty years.

The relatively new Tint in Gelato cream lipsticks are some of the best I have ever
 tried. I especially love AT 01 Cassis, since the red is universally flattering, but
you must try CR 04 Spiced Orange if natural colors are more your style!

 I love the Vision of Beauty limited edition lipsticks. The packaging is a work of art
in its own right, so give these a try first. The colors are wearable and ideal for any
complexion. The formula is richly pigmented with a natural, semi-lustrous finish.

Of all the Shu Uemura mascaras I have tried over the years, the Petal Lash
is the most memorable. It never clumps and holds up my lashes for hours.
Though it isn't the most volumizing, the Petal Lash lifts and separates.
I highly recommend it for use alone or with false lashes.

The new Drawing Pencil line-up is impressive and versatile.
My favorite is P Black 01, which is smooth and subtly shimmery.
You can see my swatches of every single shade here!

The chilly Fall and Winter season is perfect for the Lightbulb foundation's dewy finish. 
I especially love the sponge for sheer application of the formula.

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  1. Shu's eye brow pencil is my absolute favorite item from their range of products. The color 05 stone grey is the perfect match for my black hair. It's a very neutral color not too red not too brown and compliments my natural brow color. They staying power of this pencil is also astonishing, it lasts all day. A little goes a long way. Plus, if you carry this pencil to a Shu's counter in Asia you can have the SA sharpen the eyebrow pencil for free. They are trained to sharpen it in a way so that you can fill your brow easily and smoothly. All in all, my holy grail product.

    1. Yes, it's a great product! I used it for a while, but the Cle de Peau brow pencil is still better on my sparse brows!

  2. Rae please help! I tried to make a purchase via the Shu website (enticed by your post!) and it didn't work. I've been trying to make the order for days online and have called their customer service line multiple times and they never answer. I've even left facebook posts. I know you don't work for the brand but you might want to let someone know...and hopefully I can finally buy something, lol.

    1. Hi, there! They extended the sale for three more days! You should have been able to purchase through the site.. try contacting them via Twitter! They are very responsive there. Good luck! xo


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