SUQQU The Face Brush Review + Photos

I placed my order for the SUQQU Face Brush (£168) from Selfridge's earlier this year, and after patiently waiting for a few months, I finally received it! Check out all the details and more photos after the jump!

Despite the limited production and astronomical pricing ($286 USD + Int'l Shipping), I do believe it is worth it. Selfridge's finally has it available again via their website, so you no longer have to call the store and place a pre-order to hold your position on a waiting list. If you have been debating this splurge, I highly recommend you pull the trigger while stock is still available!

I purchased my SUQQU Cheek Brush three years ago, and though I have always been happy with it, I just knew I had to own the coveted powder brush eventually. Once in my possession, I was glad I took the plunge. The Face Brush is also made of squirrel hair but is significantly larger than the Cheek version, and so the price is entirely justifiable considering the length of the bristles and the extreme density of the brush head. There is very little resistance due to the delicate plushness, so the brush is wonderful for those with sensitive and dry/sensitive skin. 

Everything that can possibly said about this brush has already been said, but I will share the basics. The brush head is ultra tapered, which allows for an evenly distributed application of powder. You can pat, sweep, or roll the powder across the face depending on your preferences. It is on the 'floppy' side of the spectrum, but that is unique to my personal collection and I always appreciate variety. Of course it feels supremely, impressively soft — unlike any brush I own — which is expected, given the price tag.

NOTE: I recommend using The Face Brush with airy, finely-milled loose powders ONLY. The natural fibers are so dainty that using this exquisite brush with pressed powders or powder foundations can potentially damage the bristles. Heavy powders will coat and weigh down the fibers, ultimately causing breakage, so handle this brush as gently as possible! Also, carefully wipe down the brush with a firm Kleenex after each use and wash the brush once a week. This is not the kind of brush you throw around into your purse or carry on luggage, but it will last years or perhaps decades if you take precautions and look after it appropriately.
*If you have oily skin, I highly recommend sticking to goat hair, which will incur less damage from your sebum in the long run. Goat/squirrel mixes will also work well, if you prefer lighter coverage and a softer feel.

This brush is one of those little luxuries that make life a little better in the mornings. If applying makeup is a ritual that you enjoy, then this brush is a worthwhile treasure. Now, there are a few Chikuhodo face brushes that are similar, but I have yet to try those. I plan to invest in some soon, but nonetheless, feel free to let me know if you'd be interested in seeing comparisons to other powder brushes from my current collection!

Bottom Line: The SUQQU Face Brush is a luxurious splurge in every sense, but I consider it an investment worth making — whether you collect brushes or simply enjoy quality tools!

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  1. This is one of my favorite brushes for applying gossamer veils of finishing powders to face and décolletté. I have dry, sensitive skin and so this über soft brush is ideal. It feels so good just stroking the face, who needs powder? LOL. This brush is simply sublime. I bought the powder brush, cheek brush, and the small and medium eye brushes when I was in Tokyo. My husband thought I was nuts when he asked what I'd like to take back to the States and I said Suqqu brushes. He was expecting me to say something like pearls--although I did buy some of those, too :-)

  2. I love love love this brush! I just want to crawl inside it and take a nap. :-) I know it may sound silly to some, but it makes me happy to use it in the mornings. And... besides how pleasurable it is to use, the performance is out of this world. It increases my skill in application immensely - it is (almost) impossible to over powder with this brush.

  3. Hello, I bought the suqqu face brush because the counter lady said I could use it as a cheek brush. The cheek brush is too small so this is better. But when I took it home, it bristles seems too big, do you recommend using the face brush as a cheek brush?


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