Sulwhasoo Snowise EX Brightening Fluid and Cream Reviews, Photos

This review is dedicated to an incredible new range of skin care that I discovered thanks to Instagram! I had initially planned to include these Sulwhasoo products in my February Favorites video, but I wanted to focus strictly on the Snowise range and provide as many details possible here. Read more about my experiences with these exceptional moisturizers after the jump!

Sulwhasoo is a luxury Korean brand that has always intrigued me. So despite not having a single positive experience with other mid-range and luxury Korean skin care, I still had high expectations for Sulwhasoo's Snowise range because of Sophia's Instagram posts. The Snowise products are intended to rejuvenate skin that is exhausted from heat, restoring a clear and bright complexion  returning a youthful, radiant glow from within  and they do not disappoint!

Sulwhasoo's SNOWISE EX is a multi-dimensional whitening range that has several key ingredients. White Ginseng Saponin is a precious ingredient used to combat UV rays and remove age spots and blemishes caused by light. White Cloud Grass is a traditional herb used for its cooling and detoxifying properties in traditional Korean medicine. Salt Treatment, one of the Poje methods used in the Snowise EX line, involves baking ingredients in salt. Rhubarb extract prevents the buildup of melanin pigment and ensures other whitening ingredients work continuously. 

The entire Snowise range consists of 9 products, but I will only reviewing two of the basic products. As is tradition with whitening skin care, the packaging is white, though the Sulwhasoo take is a pearly pink. I love how elegant and substantial the glass bottles are! They are a beautiful addition to any vanity. I do prefer the Sulwhasoo range to the Shisiedo White Lucent lineup, since I have seen noticeable results in a shorter usage period with the Sulwhasoo products.
NOTE: Those that are sensitive to fragrances may also prefer the Snowise. It has a subtly refreshing, slightly herbal scent that fades quickly.

Both the Snowise EX Brightening Fluid ($65 USD for 3.4 fl. oz.) and Snowise EX Brightening Cream ($130 USD for 1.6 fl. oz.) formulas are free of shimmer and leave me with skin that is supple to the touch. A little of each goes a long way. I use one pump of the Fluid under makeup, and I use a pea-sized amount of the Cream at night for my face and neck. If you have dry to very dry skin, the Brightening Cream will work for day and night. If you have normal to combination skin, I recommend using the Brightening Fluid during the day and the Brightening Cream at night. If you have oily to very oily skin, the Fluid is all you need and the Cream is optional.

I have not had the opportunity to try the Brightening Cream under makeup since my skin has been behaving recently, but the Brightening Fluid is absolutely BRILLIANT under makeup! I used caps for the emphasis because I have found the Holy Grail. The Snowise Brightening Fluid is the only moisturizer that hydrates dry patches but does not cause oiliness in my T-Zone. It has become an essential in my daily routine, and I will undoubtedly purchase a second bottle.

The pump on the Brightening Fluid is so convenient that occasionally, I will reach for it at night as well  though I will use an extra pump or two. The Brightening Cream feels more like a balm, so I like to warm it up with my clean fingertips and pat it in, massaging dry spots when necessary. It absorbs easily, in about ten minutes.

When layered with my favorite 3LAB Super 'H' Serum, both Snowise moisturizers provide plenty of moisture to balance my skin and reduce my dark spots. I truly believe this Sulwhasoo + 3LAB combination has helped significantly to reduce my acne scarring these past three weeks and highly recommend both brands from this point forward. I look forward to experimenting with Sulwhasoo's Snowise EX Serums to see if they can out-perform 3LAB's!

Bottom Line: I had my doubts, but Sulwhasoo has proven me wrong and now I have discovered two of my Holy Grail moisturizers!


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  1. The Snowise range personally broke me out terribly (even though I had high hopes for it), but the Ginseng eye cream is now my HG. If you haven't yet tried that one, I highly recommend it!!

  2. Totally agree! I personally bought the Snowise range of water, serum and fluid, after 2 wks of repeatedly using the trial sized versions. For someone with hyper sensitive skin, it not only did not break me out but enabled me to see such a visible difference! My dull skin became more radiant and supple to the touch! Totally agree on how it cleared up my dry patches as well. Totally recommend it! Have been raving about it to friends and family!

  3. What a coincidence! I just ordered the cream the other day and today I read your review :-) A friend with a similar complexion (dry, mature) is completely enamored with the Snowise line and finally persuaded me to give it a try. Your review has me even more excited to try it.


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