YSL Gloss Volupté Lip Gloss Collection Photos, First Impressions, Swatches [ALL 27 SHADES]

The Volupté sage continues with this new lip gloss formula from YSL.
Scandalously shiny. Extremely creamy. Sensual to ecstasy. Irresistibly tempting to kiss. Yves Saint Lauren offers lips a totally unique experience with its new sense-stimulating gloss, the latest addition to the Volupté family. 

A revolutionary formula, luscious nectar, with an extreme high-shine. Its heavenly light texture, creamy beyond compare, embraces the lips like a sensual "bouche à bouche" thanks to its patented kiss-shaped applicator. Lips are lathered in intense glossy color with golden, iridescent or pure color, outlining an irresistible smile that stirs the desire for more. Indulge in the sensual pleasure of its sumptuous texture, luscious color and dazzling shine.

  • N1 Gold
  • N2 Or Saharienne
  • N3 Rose Fusion
  • N4 Fuchsia Vermeil
  • N10 Or Rose
  • N15 Grenade Pepite
  • N19 Rose Orfevre
  • N20 Nude Carat
  • N30 Corail Lingot
  • N49 Terriblement Fuchsia
  • N101 Iridescent 
  • N102 Rose Satine
  • N103 Opium Persan
  • N104 Prune Organdi
  • N201 Pure
  • N202 Rose Jersey
  • N203 Corail Gandoura
  • N204 Corail Trapeze
  • N205 Rouge Shantung
  • N206 Fouchsia Oran
  • N207 Rouge Velours
  • N208 Fauve
  • N209 Smoking


I purchased the delectable 206 Fouchsia Oran at Nordstrom and plan to review it in a couple weeks.  I tried half a dozen Gloss Voluptés directly on my lips since the testers were brand new, but 206 was the most comfortable on my lips and most flattering against my complexion. For now, I will comment that the kiss-shaped applicator is not gimmicky whatsoever and allows for versatile application. I wish more 'Pure' or shimmer-free colors were available, but do try 207 Rouge Velours (another Pure) or the subtly shimmering shades like 202 Rose Jersey, 203 Corail Gandoura, and 205 Rouge Shantung first if you have sensitive lips like I do. I will admit, however, that I was impressed by the iridescents in 30 Corail Lingot, a bronzy peach, and 49 Terriblement Fuchsia, as worn by the model in the campaign ad. I may go back for those since the formula is smoother than I had anticipated it'd be.
TIP: If you are interested in a baby pink, 19 Rose Orfevre is perfection! Not too pale and very pigmented!

209 Smoking was a pleasant surprise since I can still recall an identical black YSL lipgloss from nearly five years ago. Do not be intimated by how bold it may look, since it is sheer and used to add a 'vampy' effect. It looks best over burgundy, plum, and red lipsticks. Now, the 201 Pure gloss is a great alternative for those who love high shine but would rather steer clear of color and shimmer. I was hesitant when I noticed the higher shimmer content of some — particularly the gold top coat — but these Gloss Voluptés a definitely worth try. The Golden Glosses do have more glitz and glam, but I prefer this new gloss formula since it feels more plush and less gritty, not sticky. The Gloss Volupté collection strikes the right balance between sparkling and shiny finishes!


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  1. great review, and fantastic swatches! that 208 shade is right up my alley! however, one thing that I cannot stand about the volupte lipsticks is the scent, which is a recurrent issue that always stops me from purchasing more YSL lip products. Therefore, I was wondering, do these lip glosses have that same smell as the rouge volupte lipsticks do?

    1. They do have the signature YSL watermerlon scent, but it's much more subtle with these glosses! Worth a try :)

  2. I've been waiting to see good swatches and review of these glosses, thank you so much! I know which ones to order now :)

  3. O____O I've been waiting for these lippies to launch forever now. It's finally here and your swatches are amazing as always. It really helps to see this prior to shopping for the right color since I can't possibly swatch every shade in stores. Well I could but you know, that'll make me look like some insanely obsessed freak. ha ha Okay my favorites so far... 3, 203, and 30. Can't wait to go play with these in stores. Hopefully I'll fall in love and pick one up. <3

  4. These look absolutely wonderful!!. You always make such a fantastic job when reviewing products that I always lead myself towards the products you've been quite positive about. I really want to have a baby pink, so I'll check out Rose Orfeuvre as you recommend, because looks like there is no baby pink that looks flattering on me. I really like the fuchsia one that Lindsay Wixson wears in the campaign. I tend to gravitate around vibrant colours, but I also am interested in nudes. Which one do you think was the best nude, Rae?.




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