Dior Spring 2014 Vernis in 132 Blossom Nail Polish Review, Photos, Swatches, Comparisons

I had not planned on purchasing Dior's Spring 2014 Blossom nail polish ($24 USD) until I stopped by the Dior counter to pick up the frosty pink matte top coat, Perle. The sweet Kristie of Natural N Chic Makeup offered her valuable input regarding Blossom on Instagram, so I figured this limited edition color was at least worth a try. Blossom's eye-catching golden shimmer is what won me over, and it very well may win you over, too! Check out swatches and comparisons after the jump!

I dismissed Blossom initially since it reminded me too much of the Chanel Le Vernis in June, which I almost never wear. Blossom, however, is sheerer, sparkly, and has far less yellow in the base. It does not pull sallow on me the way June does. 

The first coat of Blossom will coat the nail with a beautiful golden flecked glitter, high shine without much color. Blossom is an ideal color for when my nails have been trimmed off, since the nail line is not noticeable, despite the sheer nature of the polish. I see my manicurist every four weeks to trim my cuticles for a wider nail look, and she commented that Blossom is ultra sheer but still more sophisticated than she expected it to look. 

We found that 2 coats looked best, but the semi-translucent 3 would be ideal for swatches and for those with more pink in their skin. An application of 4 coats is covers the nails completely, though strong nail lines will still show through. It is quite a departure from what I generally like for nail polish, but Blossom is best worn sheerly! I recommend wearing it as Dior intended — as a wash of warm, glittering pastel peach.

EDIT: After having worn it another day, I noticed that Blossom look exponentially better outdoors when the warm rays of the sun hit it. The peach base looks like a juicy jelly (especially with 4 coats), and the gold shimmer amps up the bling factor! Blossom is perfect for a sunny Spring getaway or hot Summer vacation!

3 coats on pinkie + ring fingers vs. 4 coats on index + middle fingers
In comparison, Dior's Spring Ball is a coral that has much more pink-red. The sparkles are also silver and slightly more chunky. I actually love the two layered together. Spring Ball is a very rich color, so topping off one coat with Blossom creates a softer coral-peach that is much more flattering on my skin tone than is a yellow-orange like Chanel's June. I highly recommend the Spring Ball + Blossom combination if your skin tone is similar to mine! It brightens up the skin but the orange tones in Blossom are neutralized.

Chanel's Pêche Nacrée is most similar in tone but leans more pink than Dior's Blossom. Pêche Nacrée also has a slightly streaky metallic finish. OPI's Peach-A-Boo looks similar at a glance, but it is mostly pink, orange, and silver shimmer with a very faint peach base. These shades may be similar to Blossom, but they aren't quite alike. I am glad to say I gave in to the temptation and purchased Blossom.

My favorite of the Dior's Spring nail lacquers is Pampille [swatches here] since it is chic and uniquely milky, but Blossom makes a very easy polished nail. Two coats lends the nails a feminine, sparkling and lively manicure. The orange tones only peek through, so it is more flattering worn sheerly. Blossom has turned out to be a rather unique addition to my collection, so I will definitely reach for this throughout the Spring and Summer!

Bottom Line: Blossom may not be a 'must-have' from Dior's Trianon collection, but it truly is a lovely choice for those who want to step outside the box and try something new this Spring!


  1. OPI Peach-a-Boo looks amazing! I can't take my eyes off that!

    1. It requires a good 5 coats! If you have the patience, it's a very pretty color!

  2. Chanel's Pêche Nacrée looks gorgeous! Might have to take a trip to the Chanel counter this weekend.. Xx


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