Shiseido Benefique Skin Care Review + GIVEAWAY

Shiseido released a brand new skin care collection called Benefique earlier this year, and it is targeted at 20 and 30 year olds to boost skin's health and prevent signs of aging. The finest Asian botanical ingredients meets Shiseido's cutting edge science that boosts skin's inner strength, and revitalizes its outer beauty. Formulated with energizing nutrients like Tiger Lily root extract, Angelica root extract and Ginseng extract, Benefique delivers ideal solutions directly to skin. Check out the individual product reviews and enter the giveaway after the jump!

I absolute adore Benefique's sherbet ombré packaging, which cheers up the look of any vanity or bathroom counter. My favorite products from this collection are the Makeup Cleansing Oil, which feels very plush against the skin, and the EX Retino Essence, which is one of the best Shisedo serums I have ever used — and I've tried nearly all of them. The Cleansing does require a follow up cleanser to remove all makeup residue, but I love that it is both fragrance and taste-free. The EX Retino Essence has a fresh scent that dissipates fairly quickly, and the formula contains no shimmer whatsoever. I've never encountered a serum with tiny capsules, but it applies just like any other serum and absorbs into the skin beautifully. The surface of my skin feels silky and even.

Benefique Collection: Products, Reviews, and Instructions
  • MAKEUP CLEANSING OIL (5.9 oz): It is a powerful cleansing oil that instantly dissolves long-wearing makeup and impurities. It leaves skin feeling smooth and silky. Take three to four pumps from the dispenser onto your dry hands and apply to the face, blending it thoroughly with your makeup. Rinse with cool or lukewarm water and immediately follow with facial cleanser.
  • CLEANSING FOAM (4.5 oz): A gently cleansing foam that envelops the skin in a rich, pampering lather, cleansing pores and leaving skin soft and radiant. Simply squeeze a pearl-sized amount onto the palm. Work up a good lather with a small amount of lukewarm water and spread gently and thoroughly over the entire face. Rinse well.
  • LOTION (6.7 oz): A deeply hydrating softener that improves skin's moisture balance. Leaves the skin hydrated and firm. After cleansing, take two or three pumps from the dispenser onto a cotton pad. Wrap the pad around your fingers and smooth it over the whole face.
    • Shisiedo Cotton is affordable, plush, and the only cotton pads I now use. I have purchased the cottons multiple times now and highly recommend it.
  • EMULSION II (5 oz): This skin-energizing emulsion refines and smooths skin texture by optimizing the skin's moisture balance. After applying lotion, take two or three pumps from the dispenser onto a cotton pad or onto your fingertips. Apply the moisturizer all over the face and neck. This moisturizer is fairly heavy duty and does not require night cream even on my dry patches.
  • EX RETINO ESSENCE (1.6 oz): A unique age-targeting serum with capsulated Retinol ACE that effectively addresses fine lines and wrinkles while enhancing the skin's ability to absorb moisture and nutrients. After applying lotion, take two pumps from the dispenser onto your hand and apply to the entire face, smoothing it in gently until the granules (capsules containing retinol acetate) dissolve. 
  • MASSAGE CREAM (2.8 oz): An anti-aging, revitalizing massage cream that provides deep moisture and firmness with a superbly pleasant texture. After cleansing and softening the skin, take a quarter-sized amount onto the fingertips and massage over the face. Gently wipe off with a tissue. Great for the winter season and travel!
  • RETINOLIFT EX (0.41 oz): A powerful, targeted anti-wrinkle treatment with pure retinol that visibly diminishes lines and wrinkles while refining skin texture around the eyes and mouth. Use this as the last step in your night-time routine, apply around your eyes, mouth and other parts where wrinkles are a concern. 
  • MINERAL GOMMAGE (3.3 oz): A deeply cleaning mask with natural clay and botanical fiber that thoroughly removes dead skin cells and impurities. This purifies and freshens skin for better penetration of following treatments. It is not pictured here, but it is packaged in tube identical to the Cleansing Foam. After cleansing, dry your face lightly with a towel. Take a nickel-sized amount onto your palm and spread quickly with light, sliding motions. Leave on for 1 or 2 minutes, until it begins to dry, then rub gently with your fingertips to remove. Rinse thoroughly with cool or lukewarm water. 
    • Avoid your eye area, eyebrows, hairline, and lips. If it dries out too much, do not rub forcefully. Rinse instead.

Application 1-2-3
For MORNING: Cleansing Foam, Lotion (Softener), EX Retino Essence (Serum), Emulsion I (Moisturizer)
For EVENING: Makeup Removing Cleansing Oil, Cleansing Foam, Lotion (Softener), EX Retino Essence (Serum), Emulsion II (Moisturizer), Retinolift EX
TREATMENTS: Mineral Gommage and Massage Cream [Use each treatment once or twice a week]

Benefique products are ideal for those who experience dryness, roughness, and very mild redness. For acne/oilyness and discoloration, I highly recommend exploring other Shisiedo collections like Pureness and White Lucent. Even after ten years, I still find Shiseido to rank overall as one of the premier skin care brands, and Benefique is a lovely collection of basics that any 20 or 30 year old skin care junkie could appreciate. 

BOTTOM LINE: Shiseido Benefique is unfortunately not available at department stores and must be tracked down at individual Shiseido boutiques, but their Store Locator is very helpful so this skin care collection is worth tracking down.

Now you can enter to win the entire Shisiedo Benefique line-up reviewed in this post! It is perfect winter skin care, and you can even share some of the goodies with your loved ones if you're feeling generous. Best of luck!

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  1. I absolutely love the packaging of this line, the pink and orange ombre look is amazing. I'm not surprised that your favorite product was the cleansing oil, I know hoe much you rave about Shiseido Cleansing Oils. :] My skin has been really dry and dehydrated recently because of the temperature change, so I should check out this line. Thanks a lot for the giveaway! Wish everyone the best of luck :D

  2. OMG! I want to get this giveaway and try it! But too bad I'm not from USA :(

  3. Hi Rae,

    I just turned 25 and I think it's time I started using some kind of anti-wrinkle product in my daily routine. :) I don't use any make-up regularly. On occasion, I will just use MAC's pro-longwear concealer to cover blemishes and I use a daily moisturizer from Neutrogena. I also use a prescription acne cream wash daily. My skin is somewhat oily and somewhat dry during the winter (so combination maybe?). I wanted your thoughts on an anti-wrinkle cream for me. I was actually interested in the Shiseido Benefique products you mentioned on this post. I'm open to any product recommendations though! Thanks in advance for responding!

  4. The color of the bottles just makes me wanna get them!

  5. I think i need to check out the cotton pads... the cotton balls and the cheap cotton pads i use feels scratchy or leaves fibers on my skin!

  6. The older I get the more skincare is a necessary and beautiful part of my day!! Awesome giveaway! Thank you :)

  7. I'm a aspiring dermatologist, studying for my finals right now as we speak (study break!), and would love love love to experiment different types of skincare products and shiseido is something I have always been interested. Great giveaway & thank you for this opportunity! (=

  8. Ah shisiedo, I would love to try the roducts!


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