Le Métier de Beauté Lip Crème Review, Photos, Swatches -- Sweet Crème, Vanilla Rose, Peche Crème, Ginger Snap, Toffee Crème, Framboise Crème

The Le Métier de Beauté Lip Crème has been one of my most mentioned lip products since I purchased my Peche Créme from Nordstrom in 2011. I still wear and feature it regularly in my videos, so many of you have asked me to share with you some other, non-peach variety shades. I could not help but sneak in one shade that is similar to Peche, but most of you understand by now that peaches make me weak in the knees so please forgive me. I love these lip products so much that I will share with you my first series of full-face swatch photos of the six shades in my possession. I had to do these gorgeous colors justice, so please click to see more after the jump!

The Le Métier de Beauté Lip Crème ($36 USD) is a hybrid of lip gloss and lipstick. I was initially taken aback by the vanilla scent because it was the first to smell truly of softly sweet vanilla bean instead of the sharp plastic vanilla fragrance in other popular lip products. Some find the scent aggressive, but I adore it and it does fade within minutes upon application. The formula is heavenly creamy and hydrating. My beloved Chanel Glossimers have the highest "cushion" level since the formula is a very thick gel-based gloss, but the Lip Crème definitely has a rich, full coverage feeling that does not stick and goop up. Most shades last anywhere from 3 to 5 hours before requiring reapplication. The Lip Crème formula is feather-light but still manages to hold a sheen that lasts. Hence, these are my favorite gloss-lipstick hybrids to wear alone!

NOTE: I wanted to post a photo of my bare lips before the photos of the lip swatches to give you an idea of the pigmentation level in my natural lips (even without balm). My lips are of medium pigmentation, and they have been leaning more pink than mauve as of late. 
FACE: Cle de Peau's Brow Pencil and Powder Foundation with YSL's Shocking Felt Tip Eyeliner and Lancome's Hypnose Drama WP Mascara (no false lashes).

Bare Lips

Sweet Crème

Vanilla Rose

Sweet Crème is almost entirely translucent, but it does provide a hint of opalescent pink to brighten up my lips. This is the easiest color to wear on the regular, even with the hint of lilac. I love that Sweet Crème feels the most like a gel, highly comforting. The paler colors are fairly well pigmented, but some of them do tend to accentuate lip lines at first swipe. I just make sure to press them out with a finger or brush. Vanilla Rose is a lovely warm pale pink, and it the one shade that I did not expect to find so wearable. There is more white in the base, so I categorize this shade as a nude. 

Peche Crème

Ginger Snap

Though I wear both solo, I actually love layering Peche Crème or Ginger Snap over my Cle de Peau Extra Rich Lipstick in T9 to amp up the pale yellow-peach color and plump up the slightly drier texture of the CdP. Peche Crème is a true peach, but the shimmer particles are quite fine so it appears to be a golden sheen as opposed to a sparkle. Ginger Snap, on the other hand, has a sheerer salmon-pink base and a lot more sparkle. The base colors may not be entirely distinguishable when worn alone on my lips, but Ginger Snap's high gloss finish and stunning micro-shimmer make it a must-have in my book (and Sabrina's too). 

Toffee Crème

Framboise Crème

The deeper shades are richly pigmented and feel more true to traditional liquid lipstick formulas. Toffee Crème reminds me most of Tom Ford's Sable Smoke lipstick, and I will be pairing them together sometime. I think the red lean in the base of Toffee Crème will liven up the deeper Sable Smoke, and the sparkle in it makes the color from becoming a (boring) deep neutral. Framboise Crème was impressive at first swipe. It is a nearly frosty warm rose with golden sparkles and looks its best with two evenly applied layers. It is not gritty at all, though, so I think this is a cranberry red that all ladies would find wearable. It does not bleed into lip lines, and it does not cause my teeth to yellow. 

Also, please stop by Messy Wands HERE to view more swatches by my friend Xiao! She has lots of deeper pinks that many of you may be interested in comparing. 

The doe foot applicator makes these suitable "on the go" lip products as well. I would recommend a lip brush when layering the colors together, but I tend to wear them alone or over a lipstick. Whichever way you prefer to wear them, the Lip Crèmes will provide a luminous lip look that soothes and nourishes. 

Bottom Line: The chic color palette and intense emollients make these luxurious The Le Métier de Beauté Lip Crème practical collectibles, so Dulce de Leche and Pink Berry are next on my list!
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  1. all the lip glosses are all so pretty and suitable on you!

  2. Wow Framboise Creme def caught my attention. Love that color! Great photos. :)

  3. I love lip crèmes! I already have three and I want moar!

    x Carina

  4. #1, where can you purchase these? and #2, i remember you mentioned a "by terry" lipgloss in "goldigger"..you had talked about how much you loved it. i've kept in on my wishlist for a while now. out of the two, which do you prefer more? (even tho there are several colors in the "le metier") i suppose i'd say between the goldigger and the peach one you like so much?

    1. As stated in the review, I purchased mine from Nordstrom. And I cannot ever recall using by Terry's lipgloss. I only use her Eye Primer.

  5. Le Metier de Beauté does shimmer very well in these lip creams, looove! I think I might go for Ginger Snap, it looks natural enough but with a bit of glam!

  6. Oh wow...They are sp pretty :)
    We have any Le Metier in Germany ;(

  7. Ginger snap and Toffee creme are the best on you ^_^


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